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Can someone please help me with my animal farm essay in english?

Can someone please give me their essay as I was absent for about 2 weeks and just found out my essay is in for 2 days and my english teacher will not give me any more time. I can’t write a good essay in just 2 days as I have lots of other important things […]

Can someone explain to me what the passage is saying? what am i supposed to do?

Consider carefully the issue discussed in the following passage, then write an essay that answers the question posed in the assignment.passage:Many among us like to blame violence and immorality in the media for a “decline in morals” in society. Yet these people seem to have lost touch with logic. Any objective examination shows that our […]

Can someone explain to me the reason of the 2008 stock market crash? pls?

i dont understand how it all occured can someone tell me the causes?i need to write an essay on this so i have to know what were the causes, how did it all start?

Can someone please give me feedback on this paragraph I wrote on Descartes?

So I have began my essay on criticizing Descartes’ way of escaping solipsism. I have finished my first paragraph, can I please get feedback or tips for another way I can also criticize it? Thanks! Descartes’ escape from solipsismDescartes’ parable of the wax that arises in his second meditation claims “…the perception of the wax […]

How long does it take for someone to make a judgement about someone?

I’m writing an essay about people in high school make judgments about others without knowing them. Does anyone have a legitimate statistic about how long it take someone to judge/ stereotype others? Like if you look at someone in black clothing and assume that their ‘emo.’ thanks in advance

Can someone please proofread my essay? I need help badly?

The topic was:Describe the most challenging obstacle you’ve faced and what you did to overcome it. What did you learn from it?One of the most challenging obstacles I’ve had to face came during my senior year of high school. By this time students are supposed to have their S.A.T’s and ACT’s completed, have an idea […]

Can someone please help me!? Easy 10 points!?

Im writing an essay on littering and i want to start it off with a question…like did you know…Imagine walking down the street blah blah blah…but i want one so powerful and catching! thanks!

Can someone please motivate me to finish this stupid english essay?

i really dont wanna do it lol

Can someone help me write a proper thesis statement because i am lost?

Ok so my broad topic is “The Haitian Crisis.” My narrowed topic is “Haitian Poverty and Recovery.”In my essay i want to talk a little bit about the earthquake with some data on it, why Haiti was and is still so poor and how they plan to recover.Can someone help me with this? Or at […]

Someone knows about the symbolization on Dumbo’s movie.. I need to write an essay please i need details?

I need to write an essay about the symbolization of Dumbos movie (disney) please help me is a very important essay and I never write something like that. Also my big problems is that i don’t find any symbolization on Dumbo’s movie, just what is obvious about the discrimination because of its ear, but my […]