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Slaves in Athens and Sparta, were there differences? Help help?

I am writing a history essay and I want the topic to be about slaves in Ancient Greece. I don’t know what my “question” to investigate on should be. I could make the question ‘How were slaves treated in Ancient Greece in Athens?’ or something liked ‘How were slaves treated in Sparta compared to slaves […]

What did slaves in colonial times eat?

Im doing an essay at school and need some questions so if you have any other things about slavery in the colonies ANYTHING at all that would help so thanks

What happened after African slaves were sold?

writing essay help!

What are some things slave holders used to make slaves think themselves inferior + prevent them running away?

this is for an essay i have to write… im already writing a pragraph on how they instilled fear in the slaves and whipped them and treated them like animals and stuff but i need more ideas for other ways they manipulated them to make them feel inferior…? pleese help

Do slaves deserve their 40 acres and a mule?

I have a class assignmesnt and this is the question we have to answer for the essay?I know what i am going to write, i just need someting to back me up.