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Iliad and Letters from Iwo Jima both depict war in similar ways, how do I write an essay?

Topic Two The Iliad and Letters from Iwo Jima both depict war in similar ways. On the one hand, war is an opportunity for adventure and personal glory. On the other hand, war is an act of ritualized, brutal violence from which there is no escape. On balance, do the Iliad and Letters from Iwo […]

How was the Roman Empire politically similar to the Han Dynasty?

I need to know for an essay, how were the politics of the Romans and the Hans similar? How did they both govern their empires?

Which of F.Scott fitzgerald’s novels has the similar theme of ‘The Great Gatsby’?

well at the moment im doing my essay on the great gatsby but i want to compare it one other book that f.scott has written and which has a theme , well not a huge theme but the general idea that the story wraps around, the american dreamare there any of f.scott fitzgeralds books that […]

Am I the only one who thinks that Alice in Wonderland could be a giant metaphor on life and similar?

I’m talking about the original book by the way not any of the films. When you get past the nonsense and look more closely a lot of it is representative of real life (and especially of the Victorian England era when it was set and written but even today’s time too).Here is why I think […]

How is lord of the flies, macbeth and animal farm all similar?

are they dystopian? and detailed information about how i could use them in an essay

Similar books for an Adult Male summer reading list?

The below books are what is presently in my library, however I have read almost all of them.So what are some similar ones I should look into, to either read over the summer or fall.Philosophy wise I am into atheistic existentialism,absurdism and the like.Doesn’t have to be philosophy oriented, just similar to what I already […]

What short story or movie is similar to “Eucalyptus” by Murray Bail in literary elements?Doin a comp. essay?

I think the theme of the book is misguided love. if that helps. i have to do a compartive analysis ESSAY of significant literary elements in both my core work(the novel) and secondary work (short story or movie)so far i’ve thought of Alladin (Disney movie/story). i need other ideas to think of. information about my […]

Recommend similar books I would like?

What are some books and authors similar to these or even just a little bit different that I would like? Twilight/Vampire Books = thumbs down.I am well aware of What Should I read next website but its slow, and i don’t get good recommendations from there.The Mezzanine by Nicholson BakerElla Minnow Pea by Mark DunnA […]

2 ways president office was similar and 2 ways it was different (confederate constitution, US constitution)?

I have to write a compare and contrast essay. You dont have to write it for me..just tell me 2 ways the president offices in the US constitution and the Constitution of the confederate states were the same. and 2 ways the president office differed.

What novel by a twentieth-century Gothic novelist is similar to Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte?

I finished reading Wuthering Heights for my English class and we have to do enrichment activities. I chose to read another novel by a twentieth-century Gothic novelist. I have to write an essay about how Wuthering Heights influenced it, like the similarity of their themes or characters. So I’m asking what novel with the most […]