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Title of essay help- loving two sides?

I need help coming up with a title for an essay about tensions between a women’s two heritages from her mother and father and learning to love them together.

Opinions on euthanasia from both sides?

I have always been raised to support dying with dignity, (I have an essay to write, so I am finding it hard to write and fully form an essay.)I need opinions from other people on euthanasia. I feel my ideas on both sides are lacking as I have never studied the subject deeply, but I […]

I need an essay in about 4 sides of an a4 sheet.on the topic “caring for the elderly”?

i have searched for most of the sites…can anyone please help me with it?if u have the site name also u can provide me.

How many sides of word processed A4 is 3000 words?

I have a 3000 word essay to write. How many side of A4 is that? Its so long since I have written an essay and I can’t remember lol.Thankies xx

What is a good website concerning both sides of the debate of immigration?

i am trying to do a persuasive essay on why should the United States grant some kind of way for immigrants to become legalized here. Is there any website you can recommend?…thank you

What are the two sides to puppy mills?

i have to write a persuasive essay and my topic is puppy mills. We have to write what the two sides/viewpoints of the topic is. soo wat is the 2 viewpoints? i have nooo idea.

What would be a good title for an OBJECTIVE (not picking sides) essay on gay marriage in California?

I have to write an expository essay 3-5 pages talking about gay marriage in california. This is supposed to be a report, and you cannot let your personal opinion show. I have most of my essay written and I just have writer’s block for a good catchy title. Any suggestions would help! Thank you so […]