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Need a three page paper on why i should be let back in my english class i need an apology for being rude also?

i was kicked out of my class for being disrespectful and i was disrespectful during a parent teacher conference i need a 3 paper essay about y i should be let back in class and what i will do if i was able to go back in class

I need help- What should my topic be for my British Lit essay?

I have narrowed it down but now I cant choose. which would be best for a 5-7 page paper?1) Do you see any recurrent images in William Blake‚Äôs Songs of Innocence and Experience? Focus on one recurrent image. Then write an essay explaining the role of this image in the collection. Be sure to offer […]

500 words essay for college transfer…what should i write about?

the application states “of your choice” im a little stumped thoughim majoring in Architecture and am currently in a community collegei dont really want to write a plane essay about “oh look how far i’ve come” blah blah blahi thought about writing why im choosing Architecture or what i hope to accomplishidk i want something […]

For a 7th grade essay, it should be a 12point font, times new roman, and double spaced?

Yes. With 1 inch margins on all sides.

How soon should I apply to college?

I’d really like to attend Indiana University-Bloomington and applications opened today but I’m not sure if I should apply now? Their application is fairly simple seeing as how you don’t have to write an essay or have to get letters of reccommendation (those things are optional) but yeah.. they primarily focus on class rank, GPA, […]

My mother wants a 3 page essay from me on why should she get me a wii please help me?

please help me

What should i write my science essay on?

We can chose any topic that we studied. i can do any planet. i can do comets,supernovas,sunspots,auroras. Things like that. What do you think would be most interesting.

I have to write an essay on roman slavery and whether or not it should continue.?

My audience is the Roman senateduring the time of the republic. I have too choose a point of view from which to argue my opinion.A. Roman patrician who favors slavery and wants it to continueB. Freed man who has experienced slavery first hand and is against itC. Wealthy Roman philosopher who believes that slavery is […]

What should i do to brush up on my english skills?

Hi, i haven’t been in high school for two years, this fall im taking classes through my community college, and since i signed up late there weren’t any english classes open. I was wondering if anyone knew any dvds, or books things like that, that would help me write research papers, essays analysis papers alot […]

Should I take a midterm as an objective (multiple choice) form or essay form?

In History class, I get to choose which way to take the exam; either objective (multiple choice), or essay format. I think multiple choice is a gamble, but essay, you get partial credit for trying. But that’s just me. What do you guys think? How do I do well in multiple choice, AND essay format? […]