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Is that a nice sentence to finish my Art Design essay?

“Overall, Timorous Beasties and William Morris have quite a few similarities and differences. I personally prefer Timorous Beastie’s work since it’s more modern and William Morris’s work is old fashioned. However, I believe that they have both produced excellent work. “the last paragraph was about their differences and similarities of the that a good […]

How do you write a grabber sentence for a persuasive essay?

mine’s on the odyssey. i know you have to grab the reader’s attention, but what are some examples?


Telemachus must helplessly leave home in search of his father whom he has never met before, hoping that with his father’s return, everything will be normal again and no longer will his house be overrun by rude strangers. FOR THE ABOUT SENTENCE, I FEEL LIKE ITS A RUN-ON SENTENCE BUT I DONT KNOW. PROBABLY BECUASE […]

Can you guys help me on an opening sentence for this essay?

i’m doing a biology project on tide pools and i need an opening sentence for it! if you guys could help it would mean a lot (: xoxo

What’s a catchy introduction sentence for an essay about leadership?

help please? maybe a quote or something..

Are there any creative writers that I can email my sentence to for an essay?!?!?!?

wat do u mean by email ur sentence 2? i mite b able to help since im an authoruh please explain 2 me how that sounds blegh. thats very good. it paints a picture in my head and allows me 2 step in2 the shoes of the character which is somewhat ur goal.

Can you check this sentence?

this is a sentence from my essay … should i change it?Worldwide, people will not be able to afford to provide for themselves and their families, which will ultimately cause great suffering and increased starvation and malnourishment.

Should I leave as is or use a semicolon, comma, or new sentence?

Moreover, the writing process of essays has taught me how my story should be well developed and structured such as a strong plot and purpose is like a strong thesis statement. Between structured and such.

How do i express this sentence for an essay?

I want to say how i believe Shakespeare has portrayed the Plebeians (in Julius Caesar) to be of higher power than both Brutus and Antony, when they are at Caesars burial. Help is much appreciated – thank you!

Finish the sentence for me. Journalism is an essential player in the game of ………?

its going to be an open sentence in my essay about journalism. whats a word that means like the system, new to the people, govt. to the people, etc?