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Senior project help?

at my school i have to do an essay as part of senior project, i want to try to do it over soccer or something like that but im having trouble coming up with a good soccer topic that could make for a good essay, any ideas?

Poll- Have you ever been/affected by a bully? open to all ages toddlers through senior citizens?

So, I am writing an essay on hazing (bullying), and I need facts about how often it occurs. There are websites online that show statistics, however, I thought it would help strengthen my essay if I dug up my own facts. Any help?

Who should I write about for my senior thesis?

Okay, so for my senior thesis I have to choose a person to write an in-depth (15-18 page) essay about. The problem is is that I’m torn between Michael Jackson and Nostradamus. Which should I chose? Like who would be more interesting, easier to write about, etc.? Thanks!

I am doing senior project on police shadowing , what should I write my 6 page essay on… help?

whatever’s interesting to you that you can carry a 6 page conversation on and can gather a lot of research.-Drug busts, seems like a cool topic you can get a lot of info on (your teachers will love it too)

I have a huge essay due this week its my senior paper and i cant think of a good conclusion please help me out?

My favorite teacher at Uni always said she hated conclusions. She said the idea of trying to sum up what you’ve spent pages analyzing in one paragraph does an injustice to the rest of your paper. However, she said, if you need one, try taking the ideas that you’ve reached, the ones you’ve spent so […]

Is it too late to apply for college in the middle of your senior year of highschool?

im still a junior but just wondering if i didnt right my college essay by january. thanx for any help.

What teaching degree should I pursue considering my high school senior grades?

I am confused and would like to know what areas I would excel in. Detailed explanations for my grades are also attached.English Composition 12CP ….A/A We wrote essays and read two novelsEconomics Honors….A We did little math and the course was more about terminologyAP US Government…A We wrote essays and memorized some history, I got […]

My senior year is stressing me out terribly,help?

My senior year, so far, has been full of college applications, scholarships essays, Ap Calculus, senior projects, research papers, and I just want to EXPLODE. I feel like i’m honestly wasting away my life. I spend hours clogged in my room, trying to do my best on of this alone, because my family doesn’t help […]

How can I start my essay off talking about how I got this far to be a senior?

the day that the war broke out..I said to our sister gladys