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Science Homework! Help me please!?

The discovery of relationship between electricity and magnetism is one of the most important scientific discoveries ever. Using online resources, write a brief essay describing the following:The difference between a permanent magnet and an electromagnetHow magnets can be used to generate electricitySeveral ways we use electromagnetic induction in our daily livesThe essay should be1 full […]

Will I get docked points if I refer to The Church of Scientology as a science fiction club in my essay?

If so, what should I refer to this organization as?

What should i write my science essay on?

We can chose any topic that we studied. i can do any planet. i can do comets,supernovas,sunspots,auroras. Things like that. What do you think would be most interesting.

I love science and would love to be a GP when I am older but I’m not good at science?

I love science, I find it fun to learn about the human body, diseases, illnesses etc. I also love helping people. But I’m not very good at science. I’m in top set but whilst everyone get level 6a’s and level 7′s I got a level 6b. I was upset because it put me down as […]

What was in the Science Essay part for the John Monash entrance exam for 2009-2011?

If you know anything else except for the structure of the test but what specific questions or anything from previous years then that would be appreciated

Earth science please help?

During which step in the Can Crush Lab did water vapor force air from the can? The can was filled nearly to the top with water. The can was placed on the hot stove top burner for several minutes. The can was removed from the hot stove top burner. The can was placed upside-down in […]

Science / Soce Question: Climate Change Essay?

Please help,I fail at essays, id like to learn.. this is the assignment.What is global change and why is it of concern for life on earth? What can individuals and governments do toreduce the impact of global warming?How should i write an introduction.. It is for Australian grade 11, Please help me with what kinds […]

Science help please <3?

1.According to the law of supply and demand, what would occur if the supply of oil declined and the demand remained the same?A) Oil prices would dropB) Oil prices would increaseC) Oil usage would dropD) Oil usage would increase2.Listing both the merits and expenses involved in implementing a particular environmental solution is an example of […]

What’s a good hook for a science essay about swine flu?

For science I have to write an essay, and I picked the topic “Swine Flu and How it Affects Household Pets”. I’m just completely stuck on making a captivating hook for it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

How are ethical issues about organ transplants related to science?

so i have to write this essay about organ transplant and i want to choose the ethical issues as my main topic but we also have to relate our essay to science so what i dont understand is how ethical issues about organ transplants is related to science. thanks