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Would you feel safer with random locker searches at your school? yes or no?

i have to write a persuasive essay about random locker searches. please just answer yes or no. i need answers fast

Help? Need help deciding school?

Okay, in highschool in Canada (grade 10) , i’m in french immersion, meaning that I take science, geo, history, civics and careers in french.The thing is, I excel in english, I take Enriched, and I suck at french.I don’t want to take french anymore, but I really want to get into a good university, and […]

High school psychology?

there is a high school in my area taht specializes in science in math. i may attend that school but to apply i have to write an essay on why I want to go there. a question asks what i plan on accomplishing at the school and after school and I would really like to […]

What is a good cell phone policy in school?

I am writing an essay about cell phones in school and how there should be a right policy so students would stop using their phones the wrong way(like texting in class, cheating, and other things) i think cell phones should still be allowed in school but have a strict policy of it so student wont […]

My school essay is about inner beauty. i need a title that matches the subject?

I want a title that is different and unique. Something that is different from “inner beauty”

Is it okay to use 200 words to mention the help I get from my fiancé in my grad. school application essay?

Will it have a negative effect? I mean, will they think that I am not independent?I am not a native speaker. I guess this is a question about culture.What would you say if you were from the admission committee.

First generation college student wanting to pursue graduate school?

So my GPA isn’t that high because I did not know what I really wanted to do until I switched my major into the Food Science and Tech field during my 3rd year. I am currently a 4th year now and will be graduating this spring quarter. My GPA is around a 2.78 right now…which […]

I want to get into an Ivy League School. Please help me?

Hi I wanna know if anyone can give me ANY tips so I can get accepted in to any of the Ivy League schools.I wanna go to any of these:HarvardYaleUniversity of PennsylvaniaColumbiaBrown CornellPrincetonGetting into an Ivy League school is my DREAM. I want to be a pediatric cardiovascular surgeon. Yeah, I know it will take […]

Bad day at school today :(?

heya, my nails are not long, but they are long enough to make a difference when i write, iv got pink/red nails at the moment and tonight I was in after school detention for 2 hours (3pm-5pm) writing an essay and doing lines ‘i must learn to etc, etc…….’ my hand and fingers were aching […]

What is the proper way to write an essay? For middle school students.?

First you make a plan – starting with the heading on top, make a rough plan of the ideas you wish to set out in your essay.There are 3 basic parts to an essay: The IntoductionThe BodyThe ConclusionNow write the intro, which must be simple yet hold the readers attention to want to carry on…The […]