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May i have a sample of directed writing essays ,please…( :?

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Please score and criticize my sample SAT essay?

Is the world changing for the better?The world is changing rapidly every day in science, history, and culture. Technological and scientific advances are especially changing the world. Although not perfect, the ongoing advancements in computers and medicine are changing the world for the better. Technological advances are seen in everyday like. From cars to computers, […]

English AP Literature exam sample essays?

Are there any websites where I can find sample essays to the poetry prompts?I know there is AP Central, but they only have 2004-2009 Prompts. I need a site with OLDER sample essays.Thank you in advance!

What is your best DH Lawrence sample?

What passage, book, essay, poem is your favorite? Share why.

Help with UC sample essay topic?

i have to write a sample essay for my english class and the topic is:is there anything you wold like us to know about your or your academic record that you have not had the opportunity to describe elsewhere on this college application? (focus: maybe our grades aren’t great or your scores are not the […]

Sample of a charcter analysis Essay?

I don’t want to plagarize this essay! i just want an example of what im supposed to do. The assugnment says to pick a novel character and write a 5 paragraph essay. I prefer that its a well know character like harry potter or Edward from Twilight (just examples) so i can get a better […]

Please score/ criticize my sample SAT essay?

Is conscience a more powerful motivator then money, fame, or power?There have been many instances in history and literature when a power hungry tyrant’s desire for money, fame, and power was a more powerful motivator than conscience. In the tragedy of Macbeth, Macbeth ignores his conscience and strives for power. In the past, Adolf Hitler […]

Sample argumentive essays among african american with aids?

Better if you write an actual question.