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How would you convince someone to bend the rules?

I am trying to enter an essay contest sponsored by the Ayn Rand Foundation. It’s based around her novel Atlas Shrugged. The top prize is $10,000.The rules are that you must be a student in 12th grade, a college undergraduate or gradate student.I am taking a year off between college and high school in order […]

What are the rules of Essays? Like what words arent we allowed to use?

Don’t start sentences with conjunctions, eg words like : And, But, Such as. Don’t abbreviate (say ‘do not’, not don’t). Use a thesaurus to find the formal equivalent of the word you want to use (there’s one under tools – languages in Word).More importantly is to plan the essay well. make sure you’re answering the […]

I was wondering if anyone knows English comp. 111 grammar rules well enough to proof read my 1st essay?

I’m enrolled in Advanced Placement Senior English, I tutor other high school students in English, and I’m the editor-in-chief of my school newspaper. Credible enough? E-mail me regarding your essay!

Need ideas for an essay on the Rules of Life?

My English teacher gave the class an Essay. We have to make up 4 rules for life. So, if an alien or something came to earth and we had to tell them some rules. She used the examples of avoiding white. and she branched off saying white is bad because you can stain clothes, icy […]