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What were the legal rights of married women in england around the 1800s?

i need information about what married women were limited to. For example, could they own property? could they have full custody of their kids? im writing an essay on Heart of Darkness and i am talking about how the Great Aunt is suppressed. Please help! thank you

Women’s Rights in Islamic Marriage?

[external link] …This is from a nonbiased website. Good luck!Despite the predominant idea in the Western countries that Muslim women do not, or hardly, have basic human rights, in practice, but especially on theological basis, Muslim women actually do have more rights than their Western counterparts. To address all aspects of women’s rights in Islam […]


Hey guys. so I HAVE TO do an essay on a art work, that deals with the rights of woman in society.. it can be, a painting, sculpture, musical, a movie, anything u can think of!.. I know its a relatively easy theme, but i JUST WANT to hear ideas from you guys!< if u […]

What are some ideals that are shared in the U.S Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, & The Magna Carta?

instead of the B.O.R it can be the English Bill of Rights,and instead of the D.O.I it can be the Decleration of the Rights of Man and CItizens its for my history essay.i need to make a thesis statement to go along w/ it.his ex thesis statement was*Ideal “BLAHBLAHBLAH” was established in modern western political […]

Help with Human Rights essay please?

Hi.I have a geography assignment on Human rights, and I would appreciate assistance with the following question:Different Perspectives Relevant to the Issue:In this section you are to outline different viewpoints that different groups of people or organisations may hold in relation to the issue, or to the factors that are responsible for making this an […]

Why had some people abandon the nonviolent and integrationist movements during the fight for civl rights?

Please feel free to explain in depth and include sources. I need a bit of a start for an essay. So far, my reasons are: 1.Blacks were tired of getting beaten up with few rewards.2.Being beaten made them seem inferior to the whites they were fighting.3.Seeing the violent acts committed towards blacks stirred up anger.4.Some […]

Native Americans played no part in the development of their own civil rights. Discuss.?

I have been set this essay question for History (A2 Level) and I have no idea where to start. I know there was the Dawes Act, the Fort Loramie Treaty, the New Deal, the Indian reorganisation Act, the Citizenship act, etc etc, but I have no idea how to answer this question!

Essay Help?: Violation of The Rights of a Child.?

I’m doing an essay for English about violation in the rights of a Child. I basically have to choose one Right and support it with various points, and I can’t seem to choose a satisfying Right, can any of you guys help me? It would be much appreciated.

What is a good topic sentence for a paragraph about women’s rights?

Please, any ideas are a big help. The essay is supposed to be about women’s rights and Nelly Mclung.Thanks

Do I have the rights to ask to have the weekly fire alarms tested around 12-12:30?

Hi, I tried asking this question before but I have had people acting absolutely horrible to me and portraying me as some spoilt brat when all I wanted was some help instead of being insulted. Take in to consideration that I am just a student, I study long hours at night and have late classes […]