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Which careers are right for me?

I’m currently entering grade 11 and am uncertain of which career path to take:Interests/Strengths:-Mathematics/Logical Thinking/Problem Solving-Particular interest/knowledge in computer science/IT/technology (although I’m very good at programming, I cannot envision myself spending 10 hours a day in front of a computer coding—too mundane.-I am a very effective communicator…I enjoy talking to/interacting with other people, expressing my […]

What role does the Renaissance view of the divine right of kings play in Macbeth?

Im doing an essay for school on this– i have to speak for 10 minutes on it and i really have no idea how to speak that long about it considering reading anything by shakespeare is like reading korean for me. Another person is writing about how the book was to please king james- so […]

Thoughts on john mills essay on liberty , was he right or wrong ?

with regards to freedom of speech

Is this a malfunction of the brain?Sometimes I say things in wrong grammar and realize it right after I say it?

I read a LOT of books. I’m an avid reader.When I type or write essays (I’m a really good writer) I don’t have any grammar errors.Recently I’ve been saying things sometimes in wrong grammar for instance this happened today:Me: Can I see your notecards?A friend: Which one?Me: All of it.

Should students have the right to worship their own religion in school?

I don’t mean do you think they should have the right to learn about different religions, I mean do think they should provide a room or anyplace at the school where students can go worship their own beliefs. And what is your opinion about having theology classes that teaches about different religions without saying or […]

How do you get your name on an essay to the right side?

ok so i have always had this problem when typing.im doing a paper, and i have a titleto the right, i want my name and date.how do i get it on there so its like this?my namethe date?

I need a topic to right about in my why im an american patriot essay?

i cant think of how im an american patriot

What is a good title [[like awsome!]] for an essay about chosing the right dog?

Pause for thought about the paws through your door…Sorry – don’t think its awesome! But best I can do whilst X Factor is on!

Which Mac Book is right for me?

I am contemplating getting a mac book. But I don’t know which model to get? I’m in grade 10 and would be taking notes, doing essays and documents, a lot of facebook, twitter, tumblr, youtube, that sort of thing. I like photography but am not taking that career path, so the pro with retina doesn’t […]

Do U.S. Citizens have a constitutionally set right to own property?

I am doing an essay on how the constitution allows us to achieve our goals, and I set a goal as to own a large business or corporation.Is there anywhere in the constitution that says you can own property or private property? I’ve looked, but only have have come up with in amendment 5, how […]