revolution? essays

During the American Revolution did people in the higher classes have big cottages?

Im doing an essay for the DAR. If anyone is doing it help me out please.

Does the french revolution demonstrate that people can be trusted to govern?

Does the french revolution demonstrate that people can be trusted to govern?Why or why not? This is an essay question

What is Christian Revolution and Christian Faith? and the relationship between the two?

I have to write an essay on this and i don’t really understand it, if anyone knows some good Websites that would help that would be fantastic aswell.

Grade my essay on the Neolithic Revolution?

I’m going to be a sophomore in high school. This is for AP World History. Is this essay passable?Question: Why was the Neolithic Revolution important for the creation of civilization?The Neolithic Revolution’s Lasting Impact The Neolithic Revolution was a crucial starting point for civilizations mainly because it was the period in which agriculture was discovered, […]

What to write for a thesis on the American Revolution?

I have to write an essay on a document based question: “Was the American Revolution inevitable?”I was thinking of using “Many factors caused the Revolution, such as (unfair) British rule, lack of freedom and independence, and various economical issues (taxes, restricted trade). I’m not so sure now if I want to use it though. Any […]

I have a history essay about the revolution?

Where I have to compare two of the following revolutions; American, French, Haitian and Latin American. I have to prove which one had the most impact on the Atlantic World. I’m having trouble but I think I might compare the American and Haitian revolution’s and say the American one had a more lasting effect on […]

Does anyone know of any inventions and inventors of the industrial revolution?

I have an essay needed on two inventors in the industrial revolution. I also need the inventions of the inventors. Thank you for all your answers. Anything is helpful.

How is the movie “patriot” historically accurate to american revolution.? Please give 3 examples and details?

Please help me out so i could write my 3 page essay..please give me websites and answers..and i need a bibliography….PLease

Case Study About Sexual Revolution?

I’m in IB and im doing my extended essay on the sexual revolution in america. It is a anthropology research paper. Because a big part of cultural anthropology is case study, i was going to give out a survey of 4-5 question to women who grew up during the revolution. my research question is: How […]

Ideas for an introduction for a french revolution essay?

I need an solid general statement about the french revolution. something along the lines of “The french revolution was one of the most significant events in the 18th century…” any ideas? Also is this a good thesis “The french revolution was caused by the mass movement and organization of the third estate”?