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What is a good research question/preliminary thesis to base an essay around for World War II?

I have to to an entire article on World War II for my Junior Year High School History class, what would you suggest? Thanks!

I need some help with my research on obesity?

Hi, I am in 8th grade and I am doing a research project in i-core(english). We are reseaching how certain groups are HLEPING TO FIGHT OBESITY with either DIET or EXERCISE. unfrotunatly i got stuck with GOVERNMENT. I need some online articles that will help me to write my essay(im taking notes on cards first) […]

I need help with my research essay!?! 10 points for best answer!?

I have a report on the 1930′s Dust Bowl. My essay is a research report and it says on my instructions only to report information and not to have commentary. Does this mean I use facts by “copy and paste” and the just quote it and do bibliography? Can I state a fact without using […]

I’m writing a research paper on Bipolar… ?

but I don’t exactly know what I should write about it because it’s a relatively short essay max of 1000 words and 5 sources. I had been thinking about the effects on children of bipolar parents. but I couldn’t get anything from that. now I have about 15 hours to write an essay… and i […]

Which is primary and which is secondary research?

Well, I am doing an essay on starting up a business and whether it will be successful or not. I have decided to start up my own chocolate shop.For the market research I carried out:1. A questionnaire (I gave this to random people to fill in) *Also, please could anyone tell me the benefits of […]

Need help About The Salvation Army (research essay)?

I need some help from someone who is part of The Salvation Army. I am doing an essay on The Salvation army and my source has not answered me back so can someone who is actually a member of The Salvation Army and willing to answer a couple questions about what yall believe and any […]

PsychchologE is for ecstacy, Research paper help?

PsychchologE is for ecstacy, Research paper?I have a research paper to write for psychology. I have been undecided on my topic but now i am leaning toward studying Ecstacy pills, MDMA. I have recently been very into knowing of its effects/ and it’s something I would like to know for knowledge plus it could make […]

What’s a creative title for a research paper about the veterinary occupation?

I’m writing a research paper and I can’t think of a good title. The essay is about the veterinary occupation and an interview by a real vet. Help!

Thesis statement for research paper help?

Im writing an essay on Nurses in the civil war and i need a thesis statement for the introductory paragraph. something about how without women in nursing in the civil war it wouldn’t be like this today. please help!

Does anyone Binge Eat when writing research papers?

I am generally a healthy eater, but when it comes to typing a research paper or essay it seems as though my diet goes out of the window. It’s almost like I want to avoid doing the paper by distracting myself with food. And I don’t know how to stop. I am really worried. Is […]