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Are there any good words/phrases that replace “this shows”?

I’m trying to write an essay for English class but all I can think of is “this shows that… is a bad character,etc”. I need better phrases or words, like this portrays or something. Please help

If I upgrade my Mac Mini to a Macbook pro would it replace my iPad?

So its a tough one because I use my iPad ALL of the time. Im using it now. But I hardley use it for productive purposes. I cant write an essay on it or something like that. But its like wouldnt you prefer an iPhone and Macbook over an Ipad and Mac Mini? I could […]

In writting a persuasive essay what word can i use to replace the pronoun ‘you’?

I turned in my rough draft and the teacher told me to not use “you”. So what word do i use? do i use another pronoun? or just take it out all togheter.? PLease help

How to replace the word I and was in my essay?

I was starting junior year at Miami Springs High School: new school, new classes, new friends and a new life. I was so excited but at the same time my condition with the language was something that had me very nervous. The day finally came, and heading to my first class I would have never […]

Will resubmitting my essay onto replace my old essay? HELP, PLEASE!?!?

i submitted the wrong draft of my english essay onto and i need to re-submit the old one. I am curious if when i re- submit it, if it will still keep my other draft and say that i have 100% plagarism because of my old draft? thanks for the help.

How to replace is in the sentences?

im not allowed to use is in my essay plz help!In my opinion the hardest most difficult thing challenge about of living the life of a girl “is”, trying to live up to the way society expects you to act.Living up to these high expectations “is” one of the hardest things that woman must deal […]

What could i replace ” to stand up for myself” in my essay?

here is the full sentence…with this experience, i was able to stand up for myself and at the same time meet some new people that i will have an everlasting friendship with. i need something to replace stand up for my self because my teacher doesnt want us to use cliches.

Word whizzes? what word should I use to replace this?

Here’s are some excerpt from one of my essays”my father also happens to not be the picture of youth while still being determined to convince us that he is up-to-date with the latest trends.”I want to know what word I should use to replace ‘up-to-date’ to make the sentence more formalbtw, is ‘happens to not […]

What can I use to replace the word ‘things’ in this sentence?

‘However, there are also certain things which should be avoided in travel writing.’I have looked up synonyms in a thesaurus but nothing seems to fit and leaving it as ‘things’ is a bit too informal for my essay. Any help would be much appreciated

Is there a website where I can replace simple words or pharases in my essays with longer and better vocabulary?

I need to write a sophisticated and eloquent essay. I need to use good vocabulary to sound more learned. Is there a place I can go for this?