relate essays

What are some examples from Star Wars: A New Hope that can relate Darth to Satan?

I’m writing an essay and I am comparing Darth Vader to the biblical figure of Satan and need some specific examples that tie these two figures together.

How does the tsunami and earthquake relate to social studies?

So i’m in middle school, and we have to do current events where we pick an article and write a three paragraph essay on it. For the third paragraph, we have to explain how the article relates to social studies. So basically, I chose an article about an elderly couple who is recovering their house […]

Humanity has failed, relate to a philosopher?

So i have to write and essay.. relating something non philosophic to a philosopher!.. The imgae i was given is a monkey with a gun on its head with the ward HUMANITY HAS FAILED.. who can i relate that image to? any philosopher

How can I relate this quote to my life?

The quote is “Perhaps I have once again been too optimistic”I’ve been in the hospital over the weekend and havent had time to write the essay and need to turn it in tomorrow, please give me some advice

How does the book frankenstein relate to cloning?

i have to write an essay about cloning and how it relates to the book frankenstein by mary shelley. but i believe cloning isnt any any way involved in the book,so i need other peoples perspectives

How do themes in a text relate to journeys?PLEASE HELP!?

Hi guys,I am doing the play “Away” by Michael Gow. There are a number of themes such as accepting reality ; Healing etc. I want to ask you if Physical Journey is a theme ? How can we relate the themes of healing power of nature, accepting reality etc with journeys ? The essay question […]

How does George Orwell’s essay “Politics and the English Language” relate to Communist Russia?

Pretty self explanatory. The essay was written in the mid-1940′s, while Stalin was in charge.Yes, it is schoolwork, but I did try. I just have absolutely no idea how the two relate. At all.

How can I relate Antigone to Women’s rights?

For my essay I have to add an allusion to Antigone, the Crucible, Salem Falls, Doubt (a movie about nuns), or Julius Caesar. In one paragraph I discuss women’s rights and African American rights. How can I allude to one of those stories in one of these topics?

How do you relate with your pets?

I have to do a six page soicology essay and my topic is about the relationship people have with thier pets. Please Help.

How does game theory relate to public goods?

In trying to write an essay I have manage to confuse myself with the connection between game theory and public goods. Game theory can surely be applied to public and private goods so why are public goods emphasised so much (particularly the ‘tragedy of the commons’ in my textbook on game theory?