references essays

How do you use references in essays?

My teacher said I must add refences to my essay. I don’t understand what he means. Do I just get the links to the different sources I got my information from? I didn’t copy and paste, that what i’m finding hard to understand

Is there any scentific study or references available that “knowing” the future…?

…helps/hurts decisions/outcomes?This is in regards to a Shakespeare essay about Macbeth (the three witches) and Hamlet (his fathers ghost) that I have to write. Is there any scientific studies or references that are available showing that “knowing” the future is helped or hurt by your decisions, thus confirming or changing the result of the prophecy […]

Do references, for example ‘Bedi, p. 25, 2008′, count as words in an undergraduate essay?

Every paper i’ve done so far has required the MLA format for citations. i think you’d be better off using that unless the professor specifies that he or she doesn’t need MLA format. it’s good practice though, if you want to look at it that way.

Statistics/expert references on mental illnesses and why we should be positive and supportive?

I need help on an essay for PE theory on why peers could be positive, supportive and inclusive towards a student with a mental illness at school.Are there any statistics on why we should be positive/supportive/inclusive ? What are the benefits ? etc.I’ve researched but I can’t seem to find anything on it.Any help is […]

When applying for a masters degree program, they require two references, where do I get these from?

When applying for a master’s degree program, they are require an essay and two references. Who do I get these references from? Previous teachers? I have taken ALL online classes so it’s not like I got to know any of my professors well enough for them to write me a reference. Any help is greatly […]

How do I list a movie in my references for a school paper?

I wrote an essay and used the movie “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.” I don’t know how to list that in my references. Can anyone help?