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Which authors argue that globalization helps reduce religious fundamentalism?

I’m doing an essay on religious fundamentalism and globalisation and need to find some authors (academic ones e.g. not newspaper articles, blogs etc.) who argue that the effects of globalization have a positive effect in reducing religious fundamentalism, so that I can balance out my essay. Many thanks.

How can healthy communities reduce the effects of social exclusion?

Its a question for an essay in K100 from The OU

Can someone please help me reduce and spell/grammar check this paragraph for my essay?

I have a description essay due tomorrow and I was wondering if you guys can help me reduce this paragraph and make it sound better and also see if i have any spelling or grammatical errors here.Having an undying obsession of wanting what everyone else has and not enough funds to support this disease of […]

How do i reduce my stress level right now?

right now, i’m a senior in high school. its just into the first marking period, and my grades already are really terrible. i thought going into everything i handed in that it would be much better than it turned out to be. and, i’m really worried about all of this, because i am applying to […]