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What is a really cool name for an essay about the atomic bombs in world war II?

A Delicate Balance of Terror

Hiya! Happy thanksgiving. I really need help. Umm, I have to write and essay about how religion and war..?

and politics are getting to close for comfort. Please would you give me some examples. Thankyou all very much!

Please help…Essay on Jane Eyre really hard! Anyone read it?

In my uni seminar we have been reading Jane Eyre, whilst at the same time considering critical theory. One of the essay question i have been given is to do either a marxist or psychoanalytic reading of Jane Eyre. I have no idea where to start?Any help please?

Huck Finn essay about book themes, I really need some help!?

I need to find one quote or situation in the book for each of the following “motifs”: economic, political, and moral….and then I need to be able to support the topic thoroughly. It would be real great if I could just get some suggestions. Best Answer to the person who can give me the most […]

My teacher just gave me a really hard essay title.. your points of view?

Ok, I’m eager to impress my teacher, as he seems to beleive I’m incredibly clever, I am clever, but I need a nduge, and he doesn’t give that.The essay title is “The numerous testinomies of religious experiences and miracles over all cultures and ages prove the existence of God”Any points of view to get me […]

What should I include in my essay, I really need help!?

I am writing an essay to be able to get into a leadership camp. I have to write about why I would want to go, and what I would gain as a leader. I am kind of stumped with how to start it. Could you guys give me some ideas?

Really need help with human bio essay, PLEASE!?

The question is “advances in the intrinsic factors of human anatomy and physiology, diet, coaching and sports psychology have allowed for a steady increase in sporting performance, but they are far surpassed by the extrinsic factors of modern technology, materials and equipment” Please, if u can just point me in the right direction, that would […]

What do i do when ive really upset my girlfriend and shes serious about a breakup?

So basically theres a group that i go the pub with and about 3-4 months ago this girl split up with here bf who was part of this group … like 6 weeks ago me and this girl got talking but didnt mean anything to get serious but then we started to like eachother quite […]

What part of Islam do you really love and why?

salamulaykoum wa rahmatuallah. Name one rule that you love love love. No one say “by following Allah ta’ala’s orders” because we always follow Allah ta’ala’s orders and love Him. Alhamdulillah and Allahu Akbar! I know it’s going to be hard to just pick one but, if you can’t pick one then try to elaborate on […]

Is there really a gay gene or is it a choice?

THIS IS A SERIOUS QUESTION FOR MY PAPER.Do you feel being gay is a choice or hereditary like diseases and DNA? Or did you just CHOOSE your sexual preference because you lost attraction to opposite sex? This is an argumentive essay need some answers & opinions.