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What does Abigail Williams teach the readers of the Crucible?

I’m writing an essay about what she teaches the readers. i’m just not quite sure how to start out my intro and i have a few good examples as to how she uses her power to get what she wants and so on.

An old article from the Reader’s Digest?

This is probably a long shot and a way to waste points. It was such a funny (true) essay, called, “Me Go Now.” It was something like how Dave Barry writes. It would have been before most of you were even born. Probably late 60′s to 70′s. I rescued the mag one day when I […]

Can u please check my essay proof readers and editors?

Can u give meur email or aim or yahoo messenger so i can send u my essay . I promise i wont spam u i just need help to check my essay please i really need ur help thanks alot

Is there any good proof readers and writers who are willing to help me out on proofreading my essay please?

if yes; just post your email were i can email you… and tell me how long it’ll take for you to proofread it.thanks

How does it affect the readers opinion? Please….?

This is set in the 1600 where most people hated the aborigines. Here is a girl talking about the aborigines.” Sometimes, he leaves by our door. little woven baskets of willow, containing nuts and fruit, plums and blueberries. He knows that these are Martha’s favourites; they are like bilberries, but sweeter and bigger.How is this […]

How can i grab the readers attention when I am writing a persuasive essay to legalize marijuana?

Tell them the President smokes it.

How does Mark Twain use negative sterotypes on readers on Huckberry Fin book?

i know that he said southern whites are uneducated, blacks are ignorent, and religious is superstation please help me with details of these 3 things i have to write 4 to 5 essay using this sterotypes for my final exam in my honor american lit

Writers of informal essays intend to __________ their readers with their work.?

A. inform or persuade B. inform or entertain C. persuade or entertain D. none of the above User tags:Writers of informal essays intend to __________ their readers with their workwriters of informal essays intend to __________ their readers with their work inform or persuade inform or entertain persuade or entertain none of the above

Some readers are irritated by Nick Carraway as a narrator. what evidence is there of this?

this is my essay question and I have no idea what to write.. please help me!