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Quotes from Romeo and Juliet?

please help me this is for an essay that is due tomorrow ! what does each one mean ?”This day’s black fate on more days doth depend; This but begins the woe, others must end.””Ay, those attires are best: but, gentle nurse, I pray thee, leave me to myself to-night, For I have need of […]

Othello Essay , 2 Quotes in Act 1 what reveals Roderigos Thoughts & Feelings? Help Please!?

I am nearly finished on my essay of 600 words i just need to know what other language is used to Reveal Roderigos thoughts and feelings I have ” Thick-Lips owe” which is used as racism. I just need 1 more. Thanks An it must be in Act 1! Thanks

What memorable quotes does Abigail say in the Crucible?

I have to write an essay on The importance of Abigail in ‘The Crucible’ for school and i need short quotes in the essay, please help me.

I need quotes about overcoming obstacles to acheive success?

I am doing an analytical essay about how Marie Curie overcame her obstacles and acheived sucess. Instead of starting with “Success is often measured by one’s ability to overcome obstacles” which is exactly how the prompt starts, I want to start off with a quote symbolizing this.Thanks

Anti-Twilight Quotes?

Hey I’m writing an argumentative essay for my english 101 class and I chose the topic “Twilight Sucks” and I’m looking for sources and quotes, anti-twilight celebrity quotes would be good. If anyone could help that’d be great, and please don’t spam my page because that’s so lame.

Quotes from parents who push their daughters into pageants?

I’m doing a discursive essay on whether child beauty pageants should be allowed and my teacher says i must put in some quotes from parents who defend their actions on pushing their child in such a horrific trade. It’s like they did not achieve when they were younger so they want their child to gain […]

Looking for a good place online to source quotes?

I am due to write and essay on the impact of the internet on creative industries my choice being graphic design. just wondering if there is anybody out there who could suggest good places online to find quotes that are relevant to the topic and also have a reference to there the quote comes from […]

When using quotes in your essay, you should avoid all of the following except?

quotes that discuss and elaborate a passage. large blocks of imbedded text. quotes in the conclusion. dangling quotes.

Individuality quotes from Novice to Master?

What are some quotes or parts that I can quote that pertain to individality from the novel Novice to Master by Soko Morinaga? I have looked all over online and I really don’t want to read the whole book again just to find 1 thing to quote or requote for my essay. Thanks in advance.

Any easy ways to remember quotes? Or any lines or quotes with a great significance?

My English preliminary exam is in 2 days. For it, I have to write 2 essays on texts I’ve studded in class. Those being, Heart Of Darkness by Joseph Conrad, and Charlie Howard’s Descent by Mark Doty. Is there any quotes you think I should pay particular attention to? Is there any easy ways to […]