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Various questions about college scholarships?

I am a sophomore in High School, currently I have a 4.0 GPA, I take the most challenging courses my school offers and my projected score for the ACT is a 32. I want to attend an out of state private college, but it is extremely expensive. My family does not qualify the for need-based […]


I want to audition for an art school and I have a couple questions…1. I need to draw 8 pictures (landscapes & still lifes) and I can’t decide what to draw. Can you show me some easy pictures that I could draw?2. Can you guide me to a website that has all the art basics? […]

College entrance questions?

Just looking for some input and opinions. I attend Grimsley High School, in greensboro, NC. I’m a rising senior, and i will be applying for college next year. My unweighted gpa is a 3.85 and weighted is a 4.9 presently( before senior year starts), and ill probably be able to get over a 5 by […]

A Midsummer Night’s Dream questions (10 points)?

For my Honors English final, I have to write a 5 paragraph essay about what impact the fairies had on the play. Can someone explain to me what importance Oberon and Titania had in the play? I really didn’t understand the book very well.

Lord of the Flies Essay questions?

Ok, I have a HUGE essay test on Lord of the Flies tomorrow, and i would appreciate it if you guys could help me with some of them… Here they are:1. How is Lord of the Flies two stories told at the same time?2. “The pigs half-shut eyes were dim with the infinite cynicism of […]

2 short answer 8th grade questions? PLEASE HELP?

Question 24 (Essay Worth 4 points)An astronaut takes an object to the moon where there is less gravity. Explain how the mass and weight of the object on the moon would compare to its mass and weight on Earth. ————————————–…Question 25 (Essay Worth 4 points)List three examples of physical properties. No rude answers PLEASE. Thanks!

Doing essay on asexuality, any help appreciated (questions within).?

im doing research on asexuality and i would be grateful if you (preferably asexuals, or if you have a friend) could maybe tell me how you realised and when, whether you think your childhood has anything to do with your choice (if you believe it isnt biological). now the personal bit, do you masterbate? do […]

Can anyone please tell me the questions in the legal studies hsc trials this year?

can anyone please tell me the essay questions in the legal studies trial exam 2011

Dont you find it retarded how people try to correct your spelling/grammer in questions?

As if this was some sort of essay contest or were being graded by a teacher… “oooh its spell ____ not _____”…Dont you think that makes them look corny? I think these are the same people who got picked on in school.


1) What are the average SAT scores? What SAT score do I need to be accepted?2) How many students are on campus?3) What is the teacher to student ratio?4) How large is the physical campus? (sq. mileage or acreage)5) What degrees do they offer? (bachelor, masters, doctorate, etc)6) What classes do they offer in my […]