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Can anyone help me edit the grammar and punctuation errors in this paragraph from my essay?

Next, I would choose to take my scrapbook which is filled with valuable photographs and letters from my friends and family. Pictures are significant to me because they seem to immortalize one moment in time and capture a memory. My friends and family are very important to me, and having a small piece of them […]

Is this gramatically correct? how should I change my punctuation?

“Identity can be defined as sense of self; ones distinct personality that makes them individual and recognizable in a group.”Its for my essay and idk if my semi-colon makes this sentence work. any suggestions?

Can you please help me with punctuation?

My AP language teacher takes off 10 points for every spelling error…no lie she grades that harsh. Well, I just wrote a title for my Crucible essay and the last thing I want is an error in the title. I think it’s right, but I just want to make sure. This is it:”I did not […]

What are some free resources to brush up on grammar and punctuation?

I used to be great writer, but I completed all my writing classes early in my college life. I never really wrote a serious essay since. I tried writing a letter today and it was terrible. Anyone know some free sites where I can refresh myself?

Survey: Do you care about spelling, grammar, and punctuation when you’re on the Internet ?

I hate when people correct me for one tiny mistake , its annoying as hell. As long as people can understand what i’m saying , I think it shouldn’t matter. It’s the Internet, not an essay for Harvard!

EASY QUESTION – punctuation question?

Ok, so i am doing an essay. I have to mention names of newspapers, magazines and TV programmes. Should I write these names in italics, quotes or just write them?

Can you guys help me improve my English writing this includes punctuation, improve my essays,new vocabulary) i?

i would really appreciate the help , i am open for any suggestions .

Is the punctuation correct in this essay? Would you change any sentences?

. I will be graduating in two years and will have to decide what college to go to. I really want to go to a college that has gymnastics but there are only four colleges in Ohio that have gymnastics as a varsity sport. My mom wants me to go to N.C. State since I […]

Punctuation marks for following works of literature…?

I am writing a 5-paragraph essay, so how should I refer to the following works of literature?- The Raven (E. A. Poe) – Should it be in italics or quotes? It is a poem.- Annabel Lee (same author) – A poem.- The Oval Portrait (same author) – short story – Quotation marks, right?