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Essay about Racism in The Color Purple (*Please* proof read)?

Racism is defined as the belief that members of one race are intrinsically superior to members of other races. In The Color Purple, racism is defined as a white antagonist against a helpless black person. It is interesting to note that none of the antagonists in the novel are purely one-sided evil beings. Those who […]

Hi can anyone recommend me someone to proof read my academic essay, its about 3000 words?

just need do go through grammar, paragraphing etc…i don’t mind paying…. please help.please don’t recommend websites as i have heard allot of negative feedback…thanks

I have proof Atlantis exists……?

Where can I submit my essays and photographic evidence?I FOUND ATLANTIS!

Can u please check my essay proof readers and editors?

Can u give meur email or aim or yahoo messenger so i can send u my essay . I promise i wont spam u i just need help to check my essay please i really need ur help thanks alot

Can some one help me proof read an essay i wrote for school ?

email me at [email not allowed] =]] thanks before 1:30 am today plzz thanks =]]

Can someone please help me proof read my essay? thanks!?

Hi, can someone please help me proof read and edit my essay before I can turn it in please? thank you soooooooo much!

Proof reading an english essay?

Hi,Would anyone like to help me by proof reading my essay? It is a compare and contrast essay on King Lear and Tuesdays with Morrie. Any help would be great! [external link] need a title for it if anyone has a suggestion.I tried asking my friends but they don’t seem to want to help Thank […]

Proof Read my essay please.?

Throughout history in many cases a snake or a serpent takes the role of evil and steals eternal life from mankind. In the epic of Gilgamesh a serpent steals a plant, that makes old people young again, from Gilgamesh and took it back to heaven. In genesis the devil came in the form of a […]

Can you proof read my essay, thank u?

Domi Doomed?The former Maple Leaf player, Tie Domi had a disagreement with Lucas Miller, his son’s coach on Friday night. The GTHL rulebook’s section on behaviour mentioned that any spectator whose behaviour in an arena if found by the Board to be disruptive and not conductive to the game may be banned form such arena […]

Can you proof my essay about Dracula?

I’m a pretty bad writer when it comes to college papers…soany help on content, grammar, structure…would be GREATLY GREATLY appreciated… Can’t fit the whole thing here so I uploaded it: [external link] in advance