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Senior project help?

at my school i have to do an essay as part of senior project, i want to try to do it over soccer or something like that but im having trouble coming up with a good soccer topic that could make for a good essay, any ideas?

I am doing senior project on police shadowing , what should I write my 6 page essay on… help?

whatever’s interesting to you that you can carry a 6 page conversation on and can gather a lot of research.-Drug busts, seems like a cool topic you can get a lot of info on (your teachers will love it too)

What are some ideas for a music project about music or the music industry?

For my vocal ISU (independant project), I have to write an essay about anything to do with music or the music industry. Other people have talked about a specific genre of music (such as R’B), how the music industry works or music in movies, television etc. What are some topics i could write my essay […]

What do you think of these first few paragraphs of this school project?

my brief was to write an essay from the point of view of someone who thinks slavery was not as harsh as people say it was (the west african slave trade)There is a lot of evidence that can be used in the argument that the meals given to the slaves while sailing the middle passage […]

I have project past due on a success quote. How do i prepare the essay on this.?

the quote is ” Learn as if you were to live forever, Live as if you were to die tomorrow”. by John Wooden. The problem is i cant find an info on this quote, and i have to make a poster on it as well. what should i do?

Spanish project need help! topic is flamenco…?

In spanish class we have to do a project. The topic i chose is Flamenco music,dance, and guitar. We have to do a 3 pg essay and a presentation… i did the essay now i have to do the presentation.most people in the class are doing a powerpoint presentation for there topic but i want […]

Should I fake sick (huge project)?

I’ve been up all night doing this huge essay and I’m almost done but I’m so tired I don’t see how it’s possible to go to school tommorrow. The essay is going to take until 5:00 Am and then I have to do an illustration that will take about twenty minutes. I have homework for […]

What photo can I recreate for a school project?

In my history class, we have been assigned a project to recreate a famous or iconic image from the 20th or 21st century. This picture will have to be as exact as possible, so it must be easy to recreate, but still unique. I also must be able to write a four-paragraph essay on the […]

History project: What were the oppositions to women in medicine throughout history?

Please help!I have this essay in for tommorow! :OThankyou very muchxo

History Project Ideas?

I have a majoy history project, worth a great deal of my final mark. Its a 3000 word essay. The project itself could be about anything. I really need to do well in this… and so, am looking for something which is different and not over-done. So please; if you have any interesting ideas. It […]