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How did Japan change from being completely devastated after WW2, to becoming one of the world powers?

How did Japan’s traditions change?How did they accept these new ideas?How did the citizens react?How did the U.S intervene?and other questions like that…It’s an essay question

Supernatural powers? help please!?

i have to do a research pfoject and essay. im doing it over supernatural powers. but i need help narrowing down this very broad topic. it has to be 3-5 pages and 5 paragraphs, give or take. including an intro and conclusion. bbasically, i have done a lot of reading up on it, but can’t […]

1. As nations in Africa gained independence from colonial powers, some made relatively smooth transitions to?

1. As nations in Africa gained independence from colonial powers, some made relatively smooth transitions to self-rule while others experienced violence and upheaval. In some nations, the violence continues even today. What might have been done to help those nations transition to self-rule peacefully? Write a short essay that sets forth ideas on ways that […]

Reasons why teachers should get more powers to discipline students?

I have an english essay to write a article on why teachers should be given more powers to discipline students however i can’t think of many arguments as to why this should happen, any ideas?

How many devolved powers does the Scottish Parliament have?

It says in this essay that it is 47: [external link] ‘source=web’ct=res’cd=1′ved=0CAYQFjAA’url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.sqa.org.uk%2Ffiles_ccc%2FMS_ST1A_Exemplar2.pdf’rct=j’q=number+of+devolved+powers+47′ei=vTnCS8HMDYmwnQPq1b38Bg’usg=AFQjCNE3Eery2l0_SPiFIqu7PnhuJ2_DZABut on the Scottish Goverment website, there aren’t anywhere near 47 included: [external link]

How did the major powers try to resolve trouble issue after WW1?

I need a one page essay and i would greatly appreciate if you include info on following:-Treaty Of Versailles-League Of Nations-Collapse Of European-Harsh Provisions For Germany

How was Eurpean powers able to gain control of so much of the world’s resources during the nineeteenth century?

Its an essay question

Before the Articles of Confederation, what powers did the states have over the national government?

*This is for an essay for AP US History. I’ve searched on Google and Yahoo and can’t find an answer. I already know that the federal gov’t had no power to tax and that the states could refuse a law (or something) and nothing would happen. Any others? Please.*