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What are some essays I can write about? Any ideas? Easy 10 points. Realistic Things!?

Summerlover had a lot of good ideas, as did everyone else. You could write about how fashion has changed over time and maybe describe what impacts those changes. You could write about how fashion changes with age, which could be quite interesting considering the world we live in now. Or you could write about what […]

Will I get docked points if I refer to The Church of Scientology as a science fiction club in my essay?

If so, what should I refer to this organization as?

What are some good points for my essay?

Im writing a 6 page research paper on the question “Should water be a human right rather than a commodity for sale” and ive ran out of things to talk about. So far my paragraphs go like this:IntroductionWhat water isWhy water is importantHow many people sufferWhat it takes for Africans to get water (like how […]

Can someone please help me!? Easy 10 points!?

Im writing an essay on littering and i want to start it off with a question…like did you know…Imagine walking down the street blah blah blah…but i want one so powerful and catching! thanks!

I need help with my research essay!?! 10 points for best answer!?

I have a report on the 1930′s Dust Bowl. My essay is a research report and it says on my instructions only to report information and not to have commentary. Does this mean I use facts by “copy and paste” and the just quote it and do bibliography? Can I state a fact without using […]

10 POINTS HERE! Can you plot the movie “little fockers”?

Obviously, If you haven’t seen the movie just yet, you can not help me. I need to write about the plot of this movie for my essay, and I’m really bad at recognizing the plot. I need the exposition:rising action:climax:falling action:resolution:of the movie.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream questions (10 points)?

For my Honors English final, I have to write a 5 paragraph essay about what impact the fairies had on the play. Can someone explain to me what importance Oberon and Titania had in the play? I really didn’t understand the book very well.

Help with a title for macbeth essay! EASY 10 POINTS?

So, I just wrote a Macbeth essay for english about gender, and how women were 2nd class citizens back in shakspeare’s time, and how the characters in macbeth try to distance themselves from feminine traits so that they do not loose power. I talk about how Macduff embraces both male and female traits and because […]

LORD OF THE FLIES ESSAY please help 10 points EZ!?

i have to write an essay about how ralphs character is deveopled and how he proves Golding’s theme of an innate human nature. i just need help with my introduction! i dont know how to start it! dont use 1 or second person or a questionTHANKS!

Essay structure help! -MOVIES – 10 points~?

I would really love some help on writing a movie response essay – the structure of it. I know the general structure of a response to literature essays – novels etc but not movies..My essay question is: Discuss how filmic techniques are used to make a particular scene in the film effective, memorable or interesting.MY […]