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How can you write about the poem good hours in two peel pragraphs?

good hours is a poem by robert frost here is the poem…I had for my winter evening walk–No one at all with whom to talk,But I had the cottages in a row Up to their shining eyes in snow.And I thought I had the folk within:I had the sound of a violin;I had a glimpse […]

What is the meter in the poem Prospice by Robert Browing ?

I have an english essay due tomorrow, and I need to know what the meter in Prospice is, help ? With prove from the poem ? User tags:prospice meter

The poem ‘strange fruit’?

why do you think the poem repeats the word ‘south’ alot?also can someone give me a basic template of a successful essay? the south bit is more important though!ty in advance!

Tam O’ Shanter Poem Analysis?

I have to write an essay on Tam O’ Shanter and include information about the metre, rhyme, grammar, lexicon and sound! I’ve also to talk about the relationship between English/Scottish language. I’m so stuck! I know nothing about poems.Please help?

What poem should I do my essay on?

I have to do an essay on the theme of a poem and I cant think of a poem to use. One that is fairly easy to understand. any suggestions ?

Can somebody analyze this poem for me?

the poem is man in space by billy collins. if somebody can help me analyzing this it would be great because i have to write a 5 paragraph essay on it.It says:All you have to do is listen to the way a mansometimes talks to his wife at a table of peopleand notice how intent […]

How do you transition from one paragraph to another in a poem analysis essay?

help ASAP

I need help with what effect third and first person has in a poem?

im writing an essay on two poemsthe first one is called ‘Two Scavengers in a Truck, Two Beautiful People in a Mercedes’and the second one is called ‘Nothing’s Changed’ The first one is written in third person and i have been asked to write about what effect the use of third person has.the second one […]

Poem about World War 1′s total war?

OOk i have to write a 12 lined peom (no stanza just ryhming) or an essay and im not doin a essay. and this is what i have so far n i cant think of anything else….Total War is destoying everythingthat only one can accountant for.The Black hand for the killing of (Suppoesed to be […]

What was the poem that Micheal wrote his essay about in The Blindside?

White Walls