photo essays

Can you give me ideas for photo essays?

It could be like how something has changed over time or a great mystery.

I have to do a photo essay for a photography class, but I can’t choose a story, any ideas?

It has to tell a story with 6-10 photos and I need some inspiration.

Can anyone suggest photo essay?

can anyone suggest a photo essay that I can shoot in everyday life? I mean easy to find. I need it for my photography class,only three frames is allowed. give me some examples. thanks! (no words)

What photo can I recreate for a school project?

In my history class, we have been assigned a project to recreate a famous or iconic image from the 20th or 21st century. This picture will have to be as exact as possible, so it must be easy to recreate, but still unique. I also must be able to write a four-paragraph essay on the […]

Ideas for PHOTO ESSAY?

i have a photo essay and i have to have 16 or more pictures to do my essay.. i cant have anything writen on it .. and it has to be argumenative((Proving a point)) my pictures have to be my essay.. my 1st picture has to be my thesis and last picture my conclusion and […]

Photo essay.. what some shots can you suggest?

im a nursing student.. and the theme is “modern heroes uplifting global healthcare delivery” is it the nurse they’re referring the heroes? can you suggest some shots.. thanks…

Photo Essay: Life and Death. Anyone know where to find?

I came across a really cool photo essay on stumbleupon awhile ago that i’m trying to find now. It was a photo essay where the photographer took pictures of people before and after their death, along with some comments by the subjects. it’s incredible and if you find it you get a cookie!

English Photo Essay?

So, for my english class, i have to do a photo essay. I can use 8 pictures from the internet, but i have to take 8 myself. Im currently stuck between 3 topics:1. Censorship2. Illegal Japanese whale huntingand3. The Death Penaltywhich one should i choose & do you have any ideas for pictures i can […]

What is a good title for this photo essay?

i just finished a photo essay about how we accommodate to the clothes we wear depending on the time of year, where we are, and who we see…. Now i just need a title but i can’t think of ANYTHING. Any ideas?

Photo essay introduction help!?

here, i am writing a photo essay and i’ve finally came up with the idea of not writing what is “obviously seen” on the picture. i mean, like a picture of a group dancing on stage, instead of focusing on the “dancers” themselves, i would focus on something not so obviously seen like an audience […]