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What makes people “sink or swim”? english essay?

i have to write an essay on what makes people metaphorically “sink or swim”. i was thinking about writing about friends and how they can do both but im not really sure what specefic examples to use. i was thinking maybe using a song but im not sure what one? if anyone could maybe help […]

How would you act towards people that are different than you are?

hi i live in Toronto and i have this big essay that i have to write.i have to write about how i would act towards people that are different from methank you

During the American Revolution did people in the higher classes have big cottages?

Im doing an essay for the DAR. If anyone is doing it help me out please.

Does the french revolution demonstrate that people can be trusted to govern?

Does the french revolution demonstrate that people can be trusted to govern?Why or why not? This is an essay question

Hye people! can u please help me out to write an essay on this:what is corruption?,what and why is it caused?

does corruption help countr to grow economically? please give ful detailed information on corruption,please!soooon!

What were punishments for people against Hitler in WWII?

Like if people were to talk negatively about him, how would they be punished? details please, for an essay

Do deaf people make good book writers?

I’m just asking this question out of general curiosity – i do know they can write essays, newspaper articles, etc quite well – but what about books? As writing a book requires a massive vocabulary, which many people say that deaf people lack – i’m not sure on if this is true or not. I […]

Why is it important to get young people to vote and become politically engaged?

currently writing an essay and looking for some more ideas.

Evidence Jesus existed: Why do people ignore it?

The Majority of the New Testament was written by 60 AD. Mark was written around 50 A.D and the epistles were written around the same time. The latest works were written around 80 AD.Now, let’s just use logic here: if Jesus was crucified and buried 33 AD. that mean’s eyewitnesses were still alive when the […]

How can i say this… took place in the streets of verona were the surrounding people took part in the fued?

its an english essay romeo and juliet