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Can you made a persuasive essay with 5 paragraph about education pr show me the website have it?

a persuasive essay? go

Can anyone help me edit the grammar and punctuation errors in this paragraph from my essay?

Next, I would choose to take my scrapbook which is filled with valuable photographs and letters from my friends and family. Pictures are significant to me because they seem to immortalize one moment in time and capture a memory. My friends and family are very important to me, and having a small piece of them […]

Can you spell and grammar check a five paragraph essay for me?

It is five paragraphs long. If you can spell and grammar check it for me, I will have to send it via email. Otherwise when it is put in the plagiarism checker by my teacher, It will say I plagerized and I will recieve an F. Please help me out. It is only 5 paragraphs […]

Can someone please give me feedback on this paragraph I wrote on Descartes?

So I have began my essay on criticizing Descartes’ way of escaping solipsism. I have finished my first paragraph, can I please get feedback or tips for another way I can also criticize it? Thanks! Descartes’ escape from solipsismDescartes’ parable of the wax that arises in his second meditation claims “…the perception of the wax […]

Please help! i am writing an four paragraph and i dont know what to write each paragraph on the essay is on?

Would it be right to a build an affordable housing development to help the homeless, if it meant destroying an endangered wildlife refuge? and i dont know what i should include in each of thanks so much!

Will I need to italicize anything in this paragraph?

Ten minutes flew so rapidly. After having selected the stuff to put in my navy blue North Face bag which I received last Christmas from her, I had the sudden urge to brush my teeth. Who knows what can take place when we see each other in the dusky park, and I mischievously smirked at […]

Does anyone have any suggestions about making my first paragraph better?

Write an essay in which you tell us about someone who has madean impact on your life and explain how and why this person is importantto you. that is my prompt and i was wondering if i could get some honest answers about what i have so far as my introtuction…any SERIOUS answers would be […]

In analytical papers can you use use the first paragraph as your preview?

im writing about basketball so doing this would probably be easier in me organinzing the essay. if i cant do this then what do you reccomend i do

Fix this small paragraph? PLEASE ?

Question? Decide whether you agree/ disagree with the ideas in this statement- Without the utopians of other times, men would still live in caves, miserable and naked. Utopia is the principle of all progress, and the essay into a better future”. –Anatole FranceMy Answer- I agree with the idea that a society wants a better […]

Is this a well written paragraph…?

I just finished writing the third body paragraph for my comparative essay (on family life in two books), and I wanted to know if it was well written. If you see any mistakes (tense issues, sentence structure, grammar, etc). Any help would be greatly appreciated (sorry I couldn’t paste it here, Y!A said it wouldn’t […]