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Need a three page paper on why i should be let back in my english class i need an apology for being rude also?

i was kicked out of my class for being disrespectful and i was disrespectful during a parent teacher conference i need a 3 paper essay about y i should be let back in class and what i will do if i was able to go back in class

Is it possible to have two thesis statements in a single paper?

The essay prompt began by asking to explain a priests take on a subject matter (this one in particular was Myth within the Scriptures) and then proceeded to ask for specific examples within the Bible corroborating and explaining the person’s view. If I made a thesis explaining the person’s view (we’ll call it the minor […]

How do i put the name of a play into a paper I’m writing?

i need to write name of the play Antigone in a essay, how do di do it? is it “Antigone” or Antigone or Antigone(underlined)

My HP Printer is having trouble loading paper?

I have an HP Deskjet 3050 that Prints, Scans, and Copies. I was making copies of some notes the other day for a friend who missed class one day and the first two pages printed fine until the third one, when my printer claimed i needed to fill the paper tray which was perfectly full. […]

Help with writing a small paper on Argumentation?

1. We often think of an “argument” as a heated disagreement between two people. What are the differences between arguing verbally and making an “argument” in an essay, a newspaper column, or a speech? 2. What are some other forms of “argumentation?” 3. Discuss the similarities and differences between these forms. What makes argumentation effective? […]

I’m writing a research paper on Bipolar… ?

but I don’t exactly know what I should write about it because it’s a relatively short essay max of 1000 words and 5 sources. I had been thinking about the effects on children of bipolar parents. but I couldn’t get anything from that. now I have about 15 hours to write an essay… and i […]

Grade of my english paper by my teacher.?

I’m wondering if this is what my paper that i passed in to my teacher deserves. Because she gave me a C- and i got really mad. I just wanna know if she has something against me and graded me wrong on purpose or i just got this because I deserved this. Well the topic […]

Help me revise this…. Its philo paper. I can’t think of a title. I’m looking to make it better..?

(FIRST PART THE ESSAY IS TO LONG TO PUT ON HERE)Explain and evaluate Socrates’ arguments in the Meno for and against the claim that virtue is knowledge and so teachable. How does he try to resolve the matter in the end of the dialogue? Which position seems most reasonable to you? Why?In Plato’s dialogue Socrates […]

What should my thesis statement be for a paper convincing people that the supernatural exist?

i’m 13 yrs old and this is for an english paper. Basically its a persuasive essay ment to prove that the supernatural actually occur.

Which social norm should I break for my paper?

I have been sick so I haven’t really had time to work on this paper until today and it is due tomorrow.The norm I have to break is in my house,after I break the norm at least 10 minutes I record the information in a 250 word essay.I was thinking of the following -Walking backwards […]