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Why do I have, and how do I get over an intense fear of HIV Testing?

I was tested once for HIV at 18 years old. I have had no risky behavior or unprotected sex since. I am 23, I am a straight female. However, for some reason I have a STRONG fear of getting tested, or being told I have HIV. It’s actually interfering with my life as my dream […]

F a Pumice rock flip over how will that affect the magnetic poles of the rock?

i really need to no this for am essay PLEASEE HELPPP!

My essay is over the common app limit of 500 words?

Is that ok? Does it really have to be 500 words or under? It’s around 550. Is there kind of an amount that it can go to over 500?

How did the film thirty seconds over tokyo depict the Japanese in WWII?

i need as many examples as possible. i have seen the movie but i need help for this essay i need to write

Product design: essay on how a product’s design has changed over the years?

I have to write an essay on how the design of a product has changed over time, as a result of materials, technology, cultural influences and societal influences (can be any number of these). Can anybody suggest a particular product that there would be a fair amount of information on? We’re required to write about […]

What should i do? My supervisor hasnt looked over my thesis?

I’ve worked on this for such a long time, i gave him the 2nd chapter to look over quite sometime ago and he did, it was a great help. I asked him to look over the other chapters weeks ago and he never replied to my emails. I couldnt find him in his office. I […]

Could someone read over my essay?

Hi, Im writing this for my AP English class, and would really like some constructive criticism. I know there are some, so don’t tell me that I have none. Please help me! Need to turn it by tomorrow!All illegal immigrants currently residing in the United States should be found and receive their punishment immediately. The […]

Why do we have to use the formula of y2-y1 over x2-x1 to figure out the slope?

I need to write an essay for my math class and this is one of the questions, I cant think of an answer!

I am doing a essay over compare/contrast two poems from different poets. I need help.?

The two poems are Freneau’s “the wild honeysuckle” and Bryants “thanatopsis”. What makes both poems Romanticism. I need help with providing an attention getter in the introduction, and also help with a good thesis.

Ok people sendd me anything u can find about how illegal immigrants are over populating the us?

its for a essay:)