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Am I getting closer to coming out?

I’m 16 and lesbian. I have written a short story about being a lesbian, and got a 38/40 on it. I wrote my research essay on Same-Sex marriage and got a 86%(major assignment), and I did a Slam poetry assignment today about being normal(“What is Normal?”), and mentioned sexuality, and that love is love, and […]

Should I give up or stick it out?

I’m in my final (3rd) year of University, on track for a mid-to-low 2:2. I was given this estimate at the end of my second year, which I basically spent messing around. I vowed to myself that in my third year there’d be no messing around or slacking, because if I wanted to do a […]

Why don’t some gays come out?

Hello, I am currently doing an English essay on gay prejudice. It really entails how society has effected the gay community and why some gays are afraid to come out the closet. Most gays I know are public about being homosexual but some rather people not know. They do not want to be judged, hated, […]

I have a huge essay due this week its my senior paper and i cant think of a good conclusion please help me out?

My favorite teacher at Uni always said she hated conclusions. She said the idea of trying to sum up what you’ve spent pages analyzing in one paragraph does an injustice to the rest of your paper. However, she said, if you need one, try taking the ideas that you’ve reached, the ones you’ve spent so […]

What feature do i need to use to type out an essay assingment and print it out?

you can use microsoft word if you would like and you have it installed – otherwise google docs or open office.

My prof thinks i plagiarized…is there a way out?

My prof just emailed me and accused me of plagiarizing from a website of someone’s thesis. She found and linked the site in the email. The thing is, I do remember visiting the site, and took down some notes over a month before I turned in the essay (8 pages over a topic of your […]

Can u help me out?

have to write an essay ondo we benefit from learning about the flaws of people we admire or respectand i need 2 examples of real life and 2 from personall…i dont have my own ex. but maybe u have 1?

Dear LBGT, How did you find out? — For a essay on physicality?

Well, I always knew I was straight, I loved looking at girls, boobies. I do remeber tho when time when I got into porn, i was 13, and Vagina’s sorta scared me at the time. (Pre sure they scare all 13 year olds) and Penis’s did not really scare me because I had one, and […]

English 1 please help me out?!?!?

which item does not belong in the following checklist for writing rough drafts?a) state the main idea of the essayb) include supporting detailsc) include appropriate punctuationd) write the topic sentences for each paragraphthanks for the help

Where can i speak into my microphone on the computer and have it written out? Speach to Text?

I have to re write 5000 words due for tomorrow, history essay, where can i read it into my microphone and have the whole text written for me, I really need it as i have 4 other homeworks to do for tomorrow.