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Went to the library in order to find a book that would improve my writing…but?

I want to improve my writing level. I don’t want to write stories or be a poet or anything like that. All I want is to imropve the way I write in Emails, messeges, blogs and even questions and answers here on Yahoo! Answers. I make so many grammatical errors. I also have some problems […]

How do I start an Essay with the topic of ” Birth Order and Personality”?

I need a strong lead into this papragragh! PLease Help!

Do you think i could get into bergen tech? What do you need in order to go there?.?

I did not get an interview for Bergen Academy. I was very sad. I thought i did well on the test. I really want to go to Bergen tech. I have : As and A+sGood terra nova (got a 99 in math last year)Good recommendationsTest and essay went pretty well My brother goes to Bergen […]

Is it nobler to die with integrity than compromise one`s principles in order to live?

i am writing an essay for class, and that is the prompt. i myself chose to compromise ones principles in order to live. my problem is this, i need some ideas supporting that statement, [i am having a serious "Brain Fart"] for example, why would you choose to live than die with integrity…? you know, […]

In what order do you write a cover page for an essay?

does your name go first and then the title and then the class name? I’m not sure.

How can I organize the headers in numerical order on Pages on my Macbook?

I have a Macbook Pro and I am using Pages to write my essays. I am using headers to number the pages but when I go to the second page, the header still shows as #1 not #2. How can I make this change to number the pages in numerical order? PLease help.

How would you the describe New York City in an essay in order to impress the reader?

I’m from NY and I want to wish you luck. You’de have to write a whole lot of crap to impress me…

Discuss the ways in which a govt might influence private investment in order to ensure economic growth?

how should i tackled this essay?