odyssey essays

What is a reaccuring theme of the Odyssey?

I read the book but didn’t fully understand it, and now I have to write an essay on it.I just need a few ideas and examples to get me started and I’ll be good to go. Thanks!

How is the movie Troy like the book the odyssey?

I have an english essay tomorrow that requires us to compare the Odyssey to the movie Troy. Does anyone have some comparisons?

First paragraph of my Odyssey essay…?

Our teacher told us to write an essay as to why Odysseus is a hero in Homer’s epic poem.I’ll take any feedback!Spider man returns an old women’s purse, Superman whisks a new born baby away from a burning building seconds before it gives out and collapses. These are classic heroic scenarios which everyone has probably […]

Need Odyssey book 6 but has to have page numbers!?

For english essay I have to have a quote but needs page numbers. About how Athena helped Odysseus with the Phaeacians.

How was Odysseus from The Odyssey strong?

also how was he dedicated?Need help with an essay.

I need help on this essay i have to write for the book odyssey?

the topic is loyalty as a plot mover, i dont quite understand what it means by plot mover? is it saying that IF oddysseus was loyal the plot would have changed… or is it saying how did loyalty change the plot… im confused

The odyssey, really quick question on how to write a sentence!?

Okay, i have to write a thesis statement and im awful at them! heres my essay question “Some readers contend that odysseus in not a true heroic because of the ample assistance he recieves from others.” is this a thesis.”Odysseus could not be considered a true heroic figure for the many times of assistance he […]

How does the concept of human will function in the Odyssey?

What do you guys think? To what extent are men responsible for their own actions in Homer’s Odyssey? To what extent are the gods responsible for men’s actions?I need some ideas to help me get started with my 5 pages literature essay.thank you

Question on the Odyssey?

How is Menelaus rewarded for being hospitable? If he wasn’t rewarded, how the Phaecians rewarded for hospitality (they were more punished though)? If they weren’t please give examples of characters other than Eumaios being rewarded for being hospitable? Also, how would I give insight about hospitality for my literary essay? My thesis’ general idea is […]

How is odysseus in the Odyssey clever?

I cannot use anything about Polyphemus in my essay and that is the only thing i can think of. Please help!