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I’m confused on how to put page numbers after a quote in an essay…?

I always used to put the period before the end quotation, and the page number after, like so:”The cat jumped over the dog.” (2)However, my last English teacher told me that was wrong. I think her correction went something like this:”The cat jumped over the dog” (2).Are either of those correct or do I have […]

Should you spell out or write numbers in English essays when you’re listing examples?

I don’t know which is more appropriate for my English essay:There are a few assumptions that one who is viewing this picture can make out of speculation from this: first, they do not know anything about how this man became homeless, assume he is a drug addict and therefore cannot trust him with their money, […]

Windows 2008 won’t let me do Numbers and Bullets?

Microsoft Word 2008 won’t let me do bullets and numbering?I go to Format

Lord Of The Flies need to know some page numbers please!?

I lost my book and my essay is due soon but i just need to know the page numbers of when this stuff happens please……When the fire first goes out….. when they get recuced….when jakes tribes steals the specs….when the boys first start the fire….when piggy dies

Need Odyssey book 6 but has to have page numbers!?

For english essay I have to have a quote but needs page numbers. About how Athena helped Odysseus with the Phaeacians.

Page numbers in microsoft word.?

ok so i know how to include page numbers lol, but thing is i need to start page one on page four.. is there a way to do this? it seems automatic that it starts the numbers from page one. I am writing an essay and the first few pages are just contents etc so […]

How to add numbers in the heading of Microsoft Word 2007 for an essay?

so I’m making an essay for my english class and I’m supposed to put in the heading on the left side my name and numbers going from 1 to whatever page it ends. For example, I need to put in the heading at the left “Last Name 1″ and then on page 2 it supposed […]

Can you use bulleted numbers in a MLA formatted essay?

No. You should not use bullets in an essay form. You can of course us it in your outline, but the essay should strictly be words and words only! You can make a list, but bullets are not allowed.There is a site regarding all MLA topics: [external link] …I find that site helpful.

In an essay where do the page numbers go?

On the bottom. I believe its called a footnote.

Page numbers for Mac word processing program Pages?

Hey everyone,Could someone please explain to me how I can put page numbers on an essay in Pages? For instance first page…Hank FrankDr. JEnglish 20115 November 2009 Titleblah blah blah blah….etc etc.- How would I put Frank 1 at the top right hand part of the document? Any help would be great! Thank you!