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College essay help. opinions needed.?

i chose to do my college application essay on something that has interested me. the vampire phenomenon and why it is so popular right now? i need people’s opinions on why you think this is or maybe what experts say. im really nervous about writing on this topic so give me everything you know and […]

I am typing an essay on how having lockers is needed for schools ?

What should my Hook or my introduction be? i need it to be outstanding :] Something to grab the reader Please Help mee .

Your help is needed?

i need to write an essay on the book, The Book of Daniel: E.L Doctorow” i want to talk about the quest of daniel to find the truth of his parents death. however, i don’t know how to start can u help me please.

Is an activities resume needed when transferring colleges?

I am going to transfer to a different university next semester. When applying to these other schools, I know that I have to include college and high school transcripts, personal essay, etc. But do I have to include an activities resume as well? Like how I did when I was applying to colleges from high […]

Why smoking in public should not be banned o.O i needed an opposing argument and i need aganst

So, i’m writing a big essay for english. We had to choose a controversal topic, so i chose the subject “Should smoking in public be banned?” And my opinion is YES, it should be banned. But for paragraph 5, i need this outlineV.Paragraph five: Counterargument and rebuttal A. Explain the “other side” of the argument […]

English essay help needed…………?

i have to write 4 A4 pages on an essay called a summers evening.anyone have any ideas or a sample essay or something , i dont have a clue how i am going to get 4 pages out of this.

/Major/ Frankenstein essay help needed please.?

I’ve been asked to write an in-depth essay on the character of Victor Frankenstein and how he changes through-out the novel, from a young spoilt boy to an over obsessive inventor. Trouble is, I can NEVER think of how to begin essays so I need alot of help with an intro. Once I’ve got the […]

Why you? whats so special? funny person needed?

ok so what would you write for let’s say an essay or contest entry if they asked you why should we pick you? you know like if somebody asked you why do you have to come what would you say? something funny plz but anything is good thnx


I am doing a history essay and I was wondering which one of these Intro sentences should I use. Can anyone tell me which one is better and how to fix them as right now they sound extremely terribleEver since the end of WWII, Dieppe has become a landmark of Canadian contribution to the imminent […]

Essay help needed!?

Can the two-part theme of an essay also be the two central ideas of the essay?I am currently writing a formal, prepared essay for my Honors Sophomore English class, and it is about the short story “Araby” by James Joyce. My two-part theme is that mundane an unpleasant circumstances lead to the formation of hope, […]