movements? essays

Compare and contrast three movements that involved the politics of identity in the 20th century?

could someone help me understand (in examples) how to write an essay on this?

Why had some people abandon the nonviolent and integrationist movements during the fight for civl rights?

Please feel free to explain in depth and include sources. I need a bit of a start for an essay. So far, my reasons are: 1.Blacks were tired of getting beaten up with few rewards.2.Being beaten made them seem inferior to the whites they were fighting.3.Seeing the violent acts committed towards blacks stirred up anger.4.Some […]

How has economic globalization affected social movements?

How has economic globalization affected social movements?my professor said this might be an essay topic on my exam, and help/ideas as to what it could mean?easy 10 points, thanks!

How do possible movements of the edges of continental plates cause earthquakes?

I have a massive essay due tomorrow on earthquakes and this is one of the questions i’m not sure of.I’ve looked most places but i just must not understand the question.If someone could help me in any way i will be so grateful!