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HELP! AP 11 Englsih essay ! Of Mice ‘Men?

Based on AP Language Free Response Question 3, 2005Life is marked by controversy. Choose a controversial issue that is discussed in your summer reading book. Then, using evidence from the book and your own knowledge, write an essay that carefully considers the opposing position on the controversy and proposes a solution or compromise. I don’t […]

Please! read and critique my essay on Of Mice and Men! THANKS?

My essay was to anaylze how Steinbeck uses the theme of prejudice to show different things:ESSAYThere are some aspects of one’s self that cannot change. Race, gender, physical features – all unable to be altered. It can be devastating when another person judges someone on these qualities alone. A person has no control of what […]

Do you sympathise with Curley’s wife at the end of the novel ‘Of Mice and Men’?

This was an essay question and I just need a concluding paragraph please

To what extent do you think steinbeck presents dreams as futile in of mice and men?

i have to write an essay on it and i’ve no idea how to start it off D;

Have you ever heard of a song that represents violence towards men?

one example is “Before He Cheats” BY Carrie Underwood. can you help me by coming up with at least one more? It’s for an essay for my English 50 class. thank You!

I need help with, Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck?

I need to pick a character who was introduced in chapter two and I picked Curley. I have write an essay analyzing the various forms of characterization. I also have to come up with a thesis sentence that describes what I think this character represents or what I believe is the purpose of this character.Characterization […]

How is Curleys wife portrayed in the novel – Of Mice and Men?

I have like an essay/exam type thing and i just wanted some help..i want to know what she acts like and what she is really like/.. i want to know how she is and how her loneliness effects her personality.. i want to do really well in this test thingy so please guys i need […]

Gift of the Magi, Why are Jim and Della said to be the wisest of wise men?

I have to write an essay on this topic and I just do not understand it. can someone please help?

I need a poem related to Of Mice and Men. Can anyone help me?

I have to write an essay on a theme in the book and i chose death. if you’ve read the book you’d understand why. i need a poem that relates to both the book and my theme. I’ve looked around and can’t find ANY good poems. My essay is based on the fact that Lennie […]

Virgo men: do you move on from the girl you first fell in love with?

I’m a cappie girl. He (virgo sun, virgo venus) told me he liked me, he stopped short of love. But he would:1. Talk to me a lot everyday for 2-3 hours for over a year, more than his family and friends.2. Do things for me at the drop of a hat, like read my essays, […]