mean? essays

What does the manipulation of point of view mean?

I’m writing an essay for my literature class, and in the prompt it mentions this. What does this mean?


iam supposed to write an essay in this topic.Explain hwo Kim jong il developed 3 of the flowing elements of totalitarian societies?1. strong military2. mass media3. educationthe question is am i supposed to write about the good thing he developed about these or not?thanks a lot

Why does a American Proverb mean?

Like I’m doing a essay on quotes and proverbs and I got this REALLY good quote but it’s from a Chinese Philosopher. Does American Proverb have to be made from America?

What does the painting “new york movie” by edward hopper mean?

ok so my stupid teacher mr. roberts is making me write a whole essay on the painting “new york movie” and i have no clue what it means. please help its due tomorrow worth a huge part of my grade.:(

What does “not parallel” on an english outline mean?

I need to know what “not parallel” means on an english final outline for an essay…thanks

What does this quote by William Shakespeare mean?

“Absence from those we love is self from self – a deadly banishment.”I am writing a paper on why shakespeare makes people suffer & was thinking this could be a good quote. Here is my essay question: 1) Why did Shakespeare make people suffer in his plays? What greater point about humanity is he trying […]

What does the Nirvana-Nevermind album mean?

PLease help me! I have to write a essay on a picture and i chose the Nirvana album. What does the baby represent? why is he swimming after a dollar bill? why is he naked? uderwater? if there is anything else you can tell me about it would be great. I couldn’t find any info […]

What does this mean?

i’m having trouble writing an essay…i think it’d be a lot better if i understood the prompt:Generate and support a thesis which argues Voltaire’s satirical perspective and/or writing style in Candide. you don’t need to have read Candide or anything, and i know what satire is. i just don’t get what we’re supposed to argue; […]

What does this essay question mean?

to what extent does hawthorne make a definitive statement about romanticism in the scarlet letter?translation into simple english?

What does nature vs. art or artifice mean?

I’m writing this essay and the prompt is1. In many of the texts we have read this semester we have been investigating the opposition between nature and culture. A variation of this opposition that of nature vs. art or artifice. 1) Analyze and interpret a passage of your choosing from Sakuntala in terms of this […]