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Importants of maths in every day life?

an essay an the importants of maths in every day life.

Maths gcse question HELP!?

the length of a ladder L is measured at 6.45 meters, correct to the nearest cm.the ladder leans against a wall and reaches to a height, h of 5 meters, measured to the nearest cm.the angle of inclination a, of the ladder to the horizontal ground can be found using the formula -sin a = […]

Can you help me pick my A-Level options? (thinking of 3 sciences + maths)?

My Predicted Grades Are:Maths Linear – A*/AMaths Pair Pilot (Applications + Methods) – A, ACore Science – A*Additional Science – A* – I had and still have got the potential to do the single sciences (physics, biology and chemistry) because I got 7A in my Year 9 test but I was stupid at picking my […]

Can someone help me with these maths questions?

1. A sample of ten steel rods provided the following data on rod length:214 202 222 205 222 215 182 206 192 207Determine the variance of the sample data to one decimal place2. An ISP (Internet service provider) sends out a survey to its customers who have been with them for at least one month. […]

Basic Maths – How do I work out an average?

I want to find the average word count per page of an essay.The essay has 10 Pages.Add up each page’s word count to a grand total.Divide that total by 10.Is this the correct way of finding the average?