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What do children make in China?

so i am doing this essay on child labor in China and i wanted to know what products do children make in China? i looked around some but i only found world wide things not just China…. who ever comes up with the most helpful thing will get 10 points! (but they have to be […]

How do you make a comic strip?

ok for a school essay i have to make a comic strip of something serious about life and stuff like that do you know a good one that could help me please i really need it i want it to be about life issues thanks a lot

Does this spanish “essay” make sense?

My friend and I have to do a project in Spanish. We have to make a pressentation presenting 2 outfits we made and make a speech. Is it okay?Porque Espana es muy famasa por su HUMAN DEVELOPMENT, los gentes de Espana son mas “high class” y lo mas rico de los campos espanioles. Por eso, […]

Does ‘epicurean eyes’ make sense?

I’m trying to write a descriptive essay with unusual word combinations so my paper would be more likely to stand out. I’m not sure if this pair makes sense though. I’m trying to say ‘my epicurean eyes devoured the buffet of art before me.’ Something like that.

How long does it take for someone to make a judgement about someone?

I’m writing an essay about people in high school make judgments about others without knowing them. Does anyone have a legitimate statistic about how long it take someone to judge/ stereotype others? Like if you look at someone in black clothing and assume that their ‘emo.’ thanks in advance

HELP! please just tell me one or two things to make this short essay better! it is for college!?

This is the question: Describe a character in fiction, a historical figure, or a creative work (as in art, music, science, . etc.) that has had an influence on you, and explain that influence.  
 Under my feet, the light grey cement barrier trembles as the furious waves of the dark blue seas thrash up […]

Who can i write to in a letter to make abortion illegal its for in essay?

i need the name and address for the letter.

Do deaf people make good book writers?

I’m just asking this question out of general curiosity – i do know they can write essays, newspaper articles, etc quite well – but what about books? As writing a book requires a massive vocabulary, which many people say that deaf people lack – i’m not sure on if this is true or not. I […]

Could you give me b bunch of good transition words(to make AP english essay smooth: )?

all i use is “then”…to make my free-response essay more succinct i need to use sharp words and good direct transitions …it would be very helpful, because i can’t think of any at the moment..

Introduction to a shakespeare essay, how can i improve it and make it sound more sophisticated?

The question is – how does shakespeare used soliloquies to present and develop charracter in romeo and juliet and macbeth:A soliloquy is a speech a character makes to themself onstage that revels his or her thoughts to the audience. In the Elizabethan times, Shakespeare effectively used soliloquies to involve the audience and reveal a characters […]