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Can you made a persuasive essay with 5 paragraph about education pr show me the website have it?

a persuasive essay? go

Which are some good poems about racism and death made by legit poets?

i am doing an english essay which requires attaching a poem that embraces the topics, the two major topics here are death and racism.

Made Up Castle. English Essay !?

I have an essay to write about a made up castle. What are some really good ideas I can use to describe my castle.

Write an essay in which you tell us about someone who has made an impact on your life and explain how and why?

im writing a college entrance essay to UT…and im really scared cuz my writing isnt all that great. and im not done with this essay yet, but if yall would just tell me if its good or not and if i need to make some corrections and if im on the right path with it […]

Is it wrong to write an essay based on a made up story?

I’m not an expert in English writing. I was suppose to write an essay in whcih an interivew should take place. The essay is suppose to be based on the interview(oral history). I interviewed an individual who gave me bunch of nothing! So I decided to make up my own story about a person name […]

Criticism on these brief essays on something that made this school stand out for me and something that i have ?

I have ascended to heaven and have found it blissfully sweet. Such astounding inspiring, defining, and life changing was the time I spent at the Governor’s Honors program this past summer that only those words and that comparison can do it justice. The Governor’s Honors Program is designed to house the most talented, motivated, and […]

What made Louis Armstrong famous?

I am writing an essay on Louis Armstrong and need to know what made him famous? Also, what were his accomplishments as a Jazz artist?

How do I know if the mistakes I made on an essay are genuine faults or just the corrector’s personal dislikes?

I.E:How do I differentiate between what is actually wrong and what is wrong only according to the person correcting my essay?This is confusion is one of the reasons I’m not improving on essay writing. Thanks

Why are films made? Do they have value as a historical source?

Im doing a history essay and in the introduction I have to include the answer the the question ‘Why are films made?’ Also do you think that they have value as an historical source?Would be great if both could be answered but just one would be a lot of help!

When you see revisions made in MS Word using “final showing markup” tool, what does this comment mean?

Throughout my essay it says “Formatted: Font: 12 point”My essay was already in 12 point font, so why are there many of these comments when I look at the markups?