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Is college admissions all luck?

I know many people with excellent GPAs and an abundance of extracurriculars who couldn’t get in to a mid level UC, while I’ve heard of others who did “okay” and wound up in the Ivy League!So, it’s not GPA, and it’s not extracurriculars… is it the essay or is it just luck of the draw? […]

What’s a good attention getter for an essay/speech about good luck?

I’m writing a speech about the time I won a big cash prize, but I can’t think of a good attention getter. Help me! ;-; User tags:good attention getters for the great gatsbyattention getter for the great gatsby

Has anybody had any luck with fastweb or other online scholarship search engines?

I’m just looking for a little evidence that people actually are awarded some of these? Before I go and work my tail off submitting essay after essay to scholarships that came up through fastweb or other online scholarship opportunities I thought I would check on here.

Help with The Joy Luck Club essay?

I’m having a bit of difficulty with my Joy Luck Club essay. Here’s my prompt:Novels and plays often depict characters stuck between colliding cultures- national, regional, religous, ethnic, institutional. Such collisions can call a character’s identity into question. Discuss how a character from The Joy Luck Club responds to such a cultural collision. Write a […]