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I’m looking for a site that teaches you or just ‘show’s’ you about Proper Grammar?

Like the English Classes you studied in school–It gives examples of proper punctuation and how to write a Paragraph (descriptive, etc.), on up to essays-How to write Letter Headings (business, personal, etc.)–Free Online help? Thanks to someone for helping me. MaryR

Help me revise this…. Its philo paper. I can’t think of a title. I’m looking to make it better..?

(FIRST PART THE ESSAY IS TO LONG TO PUT ON HERE)Explain and evaluate Socrates’ arguments in the Meno for and against the claim that virtue is knowledge and so teachable. How does he try to resolve the matter in the end of the dialogue? Which position seems most reasonable to you? Why?In Plato’s dialogue Socrates […]

Whats the word Im looking for?

consequently, with all these similarities and differences in mind. Both young men are disillusioned by thinking they have feelings for these girls and (do something to solidify in their own minds that its proving their feelings for them[the girls]) Can you reword the parenthesized part to make sense for an essay. I’m at a loss […]

Hi, im looking for a certain book?

I am looking for a book that can help with my english essay.I am studying twelfth night and due to the gender bending nature of it i would like to find another book that has a ‘Lord who falls in love with his man servant who is really a woman.’These might be quite thin on […]

Which word am I looking for?!?

I’m trying to remember a word to use in an essay but it just won’t come to me! With my luck it’ll come to me after I ask this question. Here’s a couple of sentences to help you help me. I’m looking for one specific word. Thank you!It’s a synonym of: upper-hand, advantage, choice, right-of-way, […]

Looking for a good place online to source quotes?

I am due to write and essay on the impact of the internet on creative industries my choice being graphic design. just wondering if there is anybody out there who could suggest good places online to find quotes that are relevant to the topic and also have a reference to there the quote comes from […]

Looking for a doc or pdf of “african traditional thought and western science” by robin horton?

Looking for a file in either .doc format or .pdf or website containing the essay “african traditional thought and western science” by robin horton

Would you mind looking this over?

this ia a college netrance exam for De Paul Univeristy’s Theatre School. It must be a creative essay. I’m open to suggestions, comments, anything of that nature. Thanks!I wish people realized that they are always being watched, not in the creepy “big brother is watching you” type of way, but in the way that people […]

Looking for sources that would be useful in writing a persuasive essay relating to A Clockwork Orange…?

Writing a persuasive essay, proving that Alex DeLarge is a better villain over all than The Joker, or Voldemort, and am helplessly flailing and searching for resources. So far, I just have A clockwork orange, the book. Articles about the psychology of fear, and other scholarly things relating to Alex, or the other two villains […]

I am looking for online reliable resources. Can someone help me?

I was looking for something easy to use to find reliable online resource for information for a 6-8 page essay topic. Is there anything else beside EBCOHOST?I have not decided my topic but it will be either on Amish/Mennonite culture, Technology (in general), or something related to computer programming (technology).