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How could I look into getting some of my writing published?

I like to write vignettes/essays (not really short stories, more like David Sedaris stuff, only not as long). How I take the first step to looking into publishing?

The competition to look best among everyone?

We always spend loads of money on stuff that would make us feel superior to others. Our main concern is basically how we look from the outside. That has ruined us from the inside. Any idea on how we can change this? I need it for a school essay!

Im an american applying to psychology grad schools in the UK, what are the different expecations UK look at?

Do the grad programs focus more on your undergrad GPA scores, or more on internships, recommendation letters, and personal essay?To make it easy, can you put in order the least to greatest factors the schools focus on for the applicant. Thank you, I would appreciate any input.

Well im doing a essay in my english class on presuading but i need help look at the details for info thanks?

well im doing a essay in my english class on presuading.The topic of my essay is the legalization of marijuana but i need some tips like for example how does it help our bodies in medical use and such just give me any info that will help me please. Yea im a user of it […]

Which sociological paradigm would I look at for this topic? Please help?

Im writing an essay about the impact of culture on religion of various groups. I have to look at it through one of the paradigms: Functionalism, Conflict theory, Symbolic interactionism or Feminist theory.Which one makes the most sense?

Genetic disorder that makes you look like a child?

Hello. =)Sometime last year, I was watching the Discovery: Health channel, and they featured several genetic disorders, including an adorable infant (from Australia, I believe) who was 1 but his weight kept increasing and he weighted as much as a 4-year-old. It also featured people know as “crab people” because their arms and legs bent […]

Just received score from my first SAT test. Can someone please look over, or analyze, or give me feedback?

Oh, please no harsh words intended, but if it’s the truth, I’ll accept it

What do colleges look for in a college essay?

The college I want to apply at gave me some topic ideas to write about and I just wanted to know are they look for how well-written is it or are they really interested in the subject matter?

A businessman needs a phone for his work, name 2 features he should look for in a phone and state why?

Easy question but i need a good answer. This is a sample question, and it’s worth 4 marks, so i don’t want you to write a fully essay. Least amount of words that will get me the marks.

What is the best way to apply concealer to my under eye area and have it cover everything and look natural?

I have tried many different concealers on my under eye area – some specifically for the under eye area and some just for concealing various `flaws` on the face. Many under eye concealers that I have used have been hyped about a lot and I know that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re going to work […]