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Which essay title do you like best?

It is an argumentative essay on human population control. An Overflowing WorldSmothered by HumansControlling the Human Population.. etc. choose one, make your own, I just need a title!

What’s the big genre word for words like “warmness”, “stressful”, “painful” etc?

Are these words “feelings” or “emotions”? I’m not sure what to call them.I’m trying to write an essay on a book, I’m not sure if I should say,”The book XXX establishes “feelings” such as warmness, stressful ect. to the readers” or “emotions” Is there a proper word for this type of words? Thank you so […]

Which thesis do you like best keep in mind i am in 9th grade and pre ib class (advanced class)?

Without Greek mathematic contributions in trigonometry, geometry, and scientific observations, modern physics, medicine, architecture, and math would not have evolved as essay is about greek mathematicsthe whole subjecthow do i revise it to make it better

Is prostitution a job like any other?

can anyone write an essay 4 me ? i agree that it is a job like any other.Firstly, prostitution reduces sex offencesSecondly, almost every job has some moral problemseg. Gun maker- indirectly ecouraging murder prostitution- unethicallastly, prostitution provides services -supply and demandit needs to be min 1200 a english learner and i would appreciat […]

Need advice about the girl I like..?

Hey, last Thursday I started to speak to this girl that goes to my scouts. She was really nice and we continued the conversation over Facebook for the following week. During that conversation I told her that she was the prettiest girl I’d ever met and she was lovely and she kept saying loads of […]

Which Greek god do you like more: Dionysus or Apollo?

For my world civilizations class I have to write an essay on one of the less-common but still known Greek gods and explain the god’s role in society and what I think about how he is / was represented. I’ve narrowed my choices down to two options: Dionysus, the god of wine, festivities, and ecstacy, […]

I would like an opinion on my college essay.?

The Most Difficult of TimesAs human beings, we all come to a point in time where life becomes extremely difficult. Certain tragedies occur that affect us in multiple ways. Currently, due to the economy, the lives of millions have been shaken up. People have been losing their jobs, their homes even. As well as not […]

What do new teddy bears smell like?

i know random question but i have to find a smell sensory sentence for the descriptive essay.

Why is my 16 y.o. friend like a psychologist/so insightful?

I was upset about something for the past couple of days.. and I told her all about it today. I couldn’t say it so I wrote it down for her to read. I warned her it was going to be an essay and she said she didn’t mind and that I could write as little […]

Do you like my essay/Does it make sense to you?

Below. Don’t steal it. please. i spent way too much time on it. Can you please tell me if it makes sense to you? Your impressions? Your likes/dislikes? Revision ideas?Thanks!Ode to a Cantaloupe?Oh, that cantaloupe sitting on my mother’s plate, its golden entrails inviting me for a savory experience. Not. That thing lying on my […]