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Is taekwondo a way of life?

I’m writing a long essay for my extended project and need some peoples opinions on whether they see taekwondo as a way of life or not. I would like to know what people think of it as a martial art, what they think about the competitions such as patterns and sparring and also if it […]

Essay Writing.. i need help i can’t write an essay to save my life! i need help some to write it for me.?

i will give BIG Points to the person who can write me a good essay!It has to be a Informal Essay here are some of the topics that it has to be writin on.Where i grew up influenced the way i see things.why i am proud of my family’s history.or whatever u the writer would […]

Im writing an essay About New Moon and i need 3 life lessons that the reader is taught does anyone know any?

Ok. I have an essay due Monday and i really need help to know what the three life lessons that the author (stephanie Meyer) is trying to teach the reader in the novel New Moon (twilight saga). sugesstions would be really helpful. Like i dont want anything like dont date a vampire. I need something […]

How can feeding the homeless have an impact on my life?

i have a community service essay that i need to complete and it asks ‘how did your community service change your life?’ i already have that it has taught me to be more fortunate of what i have. i need two more suggestions, thanks(:love,Hannah

When are quadratic equations used in real life?

I have a project where I have to write a 5 page essay about quadratic equations. I have heard about people using them for missiles in the army, and satellite dishes. If you have any information, please, PLEASE, help me.

How can I relate this quote to my life?

The quote is “Perhaps I have once again been too optimistic”I’ve been in the hospital over the weekend and havent had time to write the essay and need to turn it in tomorrow, please give me some advice

What are your thoughts on Pro Life, and Pro Choice?

Im writing a research essay on this topic, and I just wanna know how others feel about it =]

My life is so off track. Help?

So, to introduce myself, my name is Katrina and I’m thirteen-years-old, I’m in the eighth grade too.School: I’m doing fine on most of subjects except, English. I have such a hard time in English. I’m in the advanced class, and I feel like I’m the dumbest student in class. The teacher always targets me. I […]

What are some good song titles to describe the life of William Shakespeare?

Okay so i have this language arts project to do and i want to make an ‘ipod playlist’ for william shakespeare we’re writing a multi-genre-essay and i need song titles that kind of describe shakespeare’s life. like ‘Hero’ does for George washington

“Friend” has ruined my life! HELP!?

Ok so for the last year one of my best friends has turned into a freaking physco! She’s been self harming, making herself sick etc etc. It’s getting beyond a joke and everyone is sick of it. She text me before we went back to school after the Christmas break saying it’s best we aren’t […]